Sweet, passionate love.

Katrina has spent the last 2 years stuck with her evil kidnapper, when one day, a special guy named Harry saves her from her nightmare.


3. Welcome home

"Katrina? Katrina were in New york" my eyes flutter open and I see Harry looking back at me. "We are at my house atm, wanna come in?" He asks. I sit up and nod. He helps me out and I follow him inside his huge home. He unlocks his door and we walk in. "I guess mom isnt home" he says. I follow him up to his room and he grabs some stuff. "Now Katrina.. where do you liv?" He asks. "Uhm, well I used to live in 55 Tansmith Street.." I say. "Ok, I will drive you there." He says. We leavd his home and drive across new york. A rush of nervousness/excitement goes through my body as we pull up at my home. Moms old car is still parked in the driveway. I look at Harry and smile, he smiles back, I open my door and run up to the doorstep. My dog Axel runs to the door, ohmy god, hes grown. "Coming!" Someone yells. Omg, mom!! Shes opens the door and freezes. "Kat..?" She says, a smile growing on her face. I start crying as I jump in her arms. "Shanice! Ethan! Come here now!" Mom yells, I can tell shes crying. Shanice and Ethan are my siblings btw. Ethan would be 18 now and Shanice would be 14. Mom pulls away and Ethan and Shanice notice me and hug me. Everybody is crying. Mom looks at me. "H- how did you get here Babygirl?" She says still sobbing. I turn around and Harry is there. "Him." I say. He smiles. "You saved my daughter?" Mom says to Harry. He nods. She runs and gives him a hug. "Cmon everyone, lets go inside." Mom says grabbing my hand and taking me inside. "Shanice, go help Kat freshen up as I call the police" mom says still trying to hold back the tears. Harry talks to Ethan and Shanny takes me upstairs. "Kat, I missed you so much" she says taking me back into my room. Everything is still the same. I look in the same place. My laptop is still on my bed where I left it. I look in the mirror and im a mess. "Go have a shower kat." Shan says. I nod and grab some clothes of mine, that would still fit me cause I pretty much starved at that torture place. I go for a shower. I cant believe im home..
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