Sweet, passionate love.

Katrina has spent the last 2 years stuck with her evil kidnapper, when one day, a special guy named Harry saves her from her nightmare.


10. Time with harry

While Im packing my clothes I can hear Shanice annoying, well tuning Harry. I roll my eyes as I zip up my bag. I walk out to the living room and shanice is talking to Harry. "And then I was like, oh shutup Miss. She got so pissed." She brags. Harry laughs. "Interesting" he says. Shanice giggles trying to flirt. I cough and Harry looks over. "So ready to go?" He asks. I nod. "Bye mum" I say. "Cya sweetie" she gives me a hug. "Bye Harry" Shanice says to Harry. She gives him a hug and he awkwardly hugs back. "Cya" he says. She winks at him. He does an awkward smile and turns to me. I laugh and grab his hand and we walk out. We get in the car and he starts driving. "I thinkkkk.. your sister was flirting with me." He says. I laugh. "Yep, she was." I say. He laughs. "Hey, Harry." I say. "Yes?" He says turning to me but turning back to the road. "I just wanted to tell you, I think im in love with your accent." I say. He giggles. "Aw, I love your Australian accent." He says. I giggle and look down. "Your so adorable, Kat. " he says. "Says you!" I say, I hit him softly and he laughs. "Just saying" he says. We pull up at his house. I follow him to his door and inside. "Is that you Harry?" Someone asks. "Yeah it is mom" he says. Ohhh, his mom. She walks in and looks at harry then me. "This must be.. Katrina?" She says happily. "Uhm yeah, mom, this is Katrina. Kat this is my mom." "Hi" I say shyly. "Hello sweetie, Harry has been telling me much about yo-" harry interrupts her "ok now come upstairs" he says. He smiles at his mom and she laughs and he lead me upstairs. His room is adorable. I put my bag down and he sits on his bed. I sit next to him. "Sorry its messy" he says. I giggle. "I dont mind." I say. I stretch and then lay on his bed. He lays down next to me. "Zayn likes you kat" he says. "I know. Its weird" I say. And we continue talking about it until dinner.
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