Sweet, passionate love.

Katrina has spent the last 2 years stuck with her evil kidnapper, when one day, a special guy named Harry saves her from her nightmare.


2. Thankyou

"Are you being serious?" The boy asks. "I promise." I say. He pulls up at a big traffic jam. "So that guy.. was your kidnapper?" He asks sitting back and looking at me. "Yes, and you just saved me from a 2 year nightmare. I cant thank you more enough." I say. I lean forward and hug him, ok it was kind of unexpected, but he did hug me back. After pulling away he looks at me. "Tell me how this all happened." He says starting to slowly drive forward but shortly stops again. "Well.. I was walking home from school on a friday to go to a friends house, a old looking car was following me.As I started to run, the car stopped and next thing I knew I was dragged in. I only had 2 outfits with me and I have been wearing this dress for ages. Its been, a living nightmare, but ive been saved and I never thought I would be." I say, starting to cry. "Shhh, don't cry. Whats your name beautiful?" He asks. "Katrina.. my names Katrina" I say. "Im Harry, how old are you sweetie? And where are you from?" He asks. "I.. im 16 now.. and im from New york." I say. "New york? Wow, I live there too." He says. "Wait.. where was I just before?" I ask. "Far, very far from New York. Im driving there now. It will be a while so feel free to hop in the back, you can get changed into a pair of my sweatpants and hoodie and have a sleep, Katrina." He says. I smile. "Thankyou so much, you deserve an award, Harry." I say. He giggles. I hop in the back and get changed and have a sleep for the long drive to new york.
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