Sweet, passionate love.

Katrina has spent the last 2 years stuck with her evil kidnapper, when one day, a special guy named Harry saves her from her nightmare.


8. Mixed feelings (at least 13+)

After an amazing swim we all go back inside, im soaking wet and Zayn passes me a towel. I smile at him and wipe myself. We are all in the living room. "All the boys dry themselves and put their pants on and sit down talking. I grab my high waisted pants and slide them up. My bra is still wet and I dont wanna wet my singlet. So I leave it. I sit down wearing my bra and high waisted pants. Louie grabs my hand and pulls me down on his lap. I have no idea why. I giggle. "Why?" I ask. "Well im.. cold" he says wrapping his arms around me. I laugh. My skin pressed against his bare chest. He loses his grip alittle just with his arm around me. "Louie she doesnt like you!" Zayn says crossing his arms. "I do! Well not in a crush way." I say. Zayn turns away and goes on his phone. "I think someone has a crush on Katrina" niall says motioning his head to zayn. Zayn turns to Niall. "I do not!" Zayn says, turning bright red. "Hey guys can we do something besides make fun of each other?" Liam says. "Truth or dare!" Harry yells. "Not fair." I say. "Why?" Louie says looking at me. "Knowing you guys you will involve every dare with me. Cause im the only girl here.' I say. "No we wont" liam says. I roll my eyes. 'Fine." I say. "Can I go first then?" I say. Everyone agrees. I bite my lip. "Zayn, truth or dare" I say. Zayn looks up. "Uhm, dare" he says quietly. I laugh to myself. "I dare you, to wear no clothes for an hour." I say. Everyone laughs. Zayn shrugs. Zayn walks around the other side of the couch, takes of his pants and walks back holding a pillow over his butt and 'front private part' hahahah! "Ok, I pick, Niall, truth or dare" Zayn says. "Uhm truth" niall says. "Ok, do you
think katrina is pretty?" I smile at Niall and he smiles back, then turns to Zayn. "Of course I do." Hereplies. I giggle. "Thanks ni" I say. He smiles. "I pick Louie, truth or dare Lou" Niall says leaning bsck. "Dare" Louie replys. "Uhm, I dare you to kiss Harry on the cheek" he says. Everyone laughs as lou gives harry a kiss on the cheek. "That wasnt hard." Louie says sitting next to me.

*harrys pov*
"Ok I pick Katrina" Lou says. "Dare" Kat replys. "I dare you.. to kiss Zayn." Lou says. Zayn smirks at Kat. She rolls her eyes and crawls over to him. She laughs as she leans forwars because he is naked but he has a pillow over his dick. She gives him a kiss and he holds her hip. I turn away awkwardly.. feeling kind of jealous? "Zayns got a boner!" Liam yells. I turn around and he has!! Hahahahha! Katrina covers her mouth and starts laughing. "Well its an appropriate time to get one." Zayn says. He has no shame. I swear. "You got a boner from kissing?" I say. "Well she looks hot atm so.." I look at katrina and shes bright red and laughing. Oh my god.
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