Sweet, passionate love.

Katrina has spent the last 2 years stuck with her evil kidnapper, when one day, a special guy named Harry saves her from her nightmare.


6. Meeting the boys.

I wake up and stretch out in my bed and rub my eyes. I sit up and look on my phone, the time is 8:30am. I notice a message and its from.. Harry? Well ok then. It says "hey, call me" he says. I put my phone down and go to the toilet, brush my hair, brush my teeth and go back into my room. I pick up my phone and dial Harrys number. He answers.
"Oh hey Harry, Its Katrina"
"Oh hey. Thanks for calling me"
"Uhm its ok. So whats up?"
"Well, do you wanna hang out with me and the boys today? Zayn kept begging me and also the rest of us would like to chill with you too."
"Oh, sure of course."
"Want me to pick you up?"
"I would love that."
"Ok. Is half an hour ok?"
"Yes. Cya then."
"Ok bye love."
I hang up and go have a shower. Then I straighten my hair and get changed into a pair of short high waisted pants with a black singlet tucked in. I put on some makeup and then put on a pair of light pink ballet flats. I grab my handbag and my phone. I go downstairs. Its been half an hour, theres a knock at the door. Its Harry. "Hey!" I say. "Hey, ready to go?" He asks. "Yep. Mom! Im going with Harry!" I yell. "Ok sweetie, cya!" Mom yells. I smile at Harry and we walk out to the car. Zayn is in there. I sit in the back. "Hey Katrina" he says. "Hey" I say. We drive to Louis's house.
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