Sweet, passionate love.

Katrina has spent the last 2 years stuck with her evil kidnapper, when one day, a special guy named Harry saves her from her nightmare.


7. Meeting the boys part 2

We finally arrive at Louis' s house after driving for about 10 minutes and Zayn making me laugh the whole way. I get out the car and Zayn grabs my arm. "Up here Kat!" He says. He leads me up to the front door. I giggle as he opens it and leads me inside.

*harrys pov*
My god Zayn, make it anymore bloody obvious you like Katrina? Facepalm. I follow the 2 of them inside and louis, niall and liam are sitting down watching Scream 4. It is probably 1/4 through it. Someone gets killed and Niall screams and hides his face in his hands. "Niall ya pussy" I say putting my keys on the table. Katrina giggles, her laugh is cute. Niall looks up and goes bright red as he sees Kat. "Hey.. Katrina? Is that it?" Louis asks her. "Thats me." She replies. "Hey" Liam says to her. She smiles and says "hey". Niall is still looking down embarrased by screaming and not knowing Katrina was there. "Whats wrong Niall? Blushing are we?" Zayn says. "No! Hi Kat." He says still looking down. Kat laughs. "So guys. What should we do" I say sitting on the couch. "Well this movie is gay! How about we go for a swim?" Louis says. Everyone agrees. "Kat? Wanna come for a swim?" I ask her. "Oh its ok, I Dont have any swimmers." She replies. All the guys smirk at herand she laughs. "Im not going in my underwear." She says. "We dont care honestly!" liam says. "Please" zayn says to her. She turns to me and smile, then to the other boys. "Fine!" She says followed by a laugh. "Yay" zayn says. She rolls her eyes and laughs. We all go out to the pool and us guys get changed into our boxers and jump in. We all turn to Kat. "Dont look!" She says laughing. We turn away and next thing we know she jumps in. We all turn to her. Shes wearing a lace red bra and a pair of leopard underwear that show her bum a little.

*kats pov*
I can feel all the boys eyes on me. Its really awkward. I walk over to Harry. "I like your tattoos." I say followed by a giggle. He smiles. "Thanks.. I like your.. everything" he says shyly. I blush. By now all the guys are just splashing each other. I sit with Harry but Zayn comes over and picks me up and dumps me in the water. I jump up and hit him on his chest and we laugh.
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