Sweet, passionate love.

Katrina has spent the last 2 years stuck with her evil kidnapper, when one day, a special guy named Harry saves her from her nightmare.


5. Happy again

We walk inside from shopping and mom spoiled me. She bought me so much stuff even if i didnt want it. Mom is a business woman so she gets ALOT of money. She bought me an iphone5, macbook, camera, a heap of new clothes and shoes, and just some little things. "Thankyou so much mom" i say sitting the bags on my bed. "Its ok sweetheart, now we have to head back off." She says. "Why?" I ask. "I booked you a hair appointment." She says. I smile. "Ok i just wanna turn my phone on and then can we go?" I ask. "Sure sweetheart." She says. She walks out and I set my phone up, i add Harrys number into it and everyone else. I go downstairs to mom and we go to the hairdressers. When we get there, I sit in the chair and the hairdresser comes over. "Ok sweetie, what would you like me to do today?" The girl who looks about 20 asks me. "Uhm.." I turn to mom. "Would you like it died?" Mom asks. "Can I just have it dyed a medium brown and just a trim." I ask. "Sure sweetie." The hairdresser says.
*one hour later*
"Do you like it?" The hairdresser asks. I feel my hair. Its so soft and pretty. "I love it!" I say. The hairdresser looks at mom and smiles. We get up and mom pays for it. We then stop at mcdonalds to get some lunch. Since i havent had it for 2 years, i get alot. A large quarter pounder meal with 6 pack of nuggets. When we get home, i go up to my room and eat my lunch. I set all my new stuff in place and get on my new laptop. I go on facebook and talk to my bestfriends Mia and Perrie in a 3 way chat.
I love being home.
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