Sweet, passionate love.

Katrina has spent the last 2 years stuck with her evil kidnapper, when one day, a special guy named Harry saves her from her nightmare.


4. A week gone by

A week has a gone by since I was saved from my nightmare. Its Sunday. On wednesday, mom invited my family and bestfriends (Mia and Perrie) over for a big reunion. Everyone was crying but it was so good to see everyone. The police have put Larry in prison which is super good. I havent seen Harry for 2 days but he gave me his number. Today, mom is taking me shopping to make me feel comfortable. Shes buying me a new phone because Larry took mine off me 2 years ago. I gey dressed into one of my old outfits, a pair of light blue ripped jeans and a white singlet with a lace pink crop top over the top. I put on a pair of moms black ballet flats and straighten my long light brown hair. I hangs about an inch above my but. I flip it over to one side and then put some makeup on. This is the first time felt pretty for 2 years, and it feels great. I walk downstairs. "Ready sweetheart?" Mom asks grabbing her keys. "Yeah." I say. She walks with me out to the car and I get in to the car. We drive to the mall and we go in. We go into Walmart to get a drink first, then I notice 5 boys down the asile, wait! One of them is Harry! "Hey, Harry!" I say walking up to Harry. He turns around.
*Harrys pov*
Im shopping with the boys when a girl calls out my name. I turn around. Oh, Its Katrina. "Hey" I sayas she comes closer. "Pretty girl, why is she walking towards you" Zayn whispers. I turn to him and give him the "are you serious-fuck you" look. I turn around and Kat gives me a hug. I hug back. "How have you been?" I ask. We pull away. "I feel really good today." She says. I smile. Poor girl, shes been through alot. "Well you look pretty." I say. She blushes and looks at her feet. "Oh, Kat, these are my mates, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall." I say.
*Kats pov*
"Vas happenin?" Zayn says. "Hello love" Louis says. "Hey" liam says. "Hi there" Niall says. I giggle. "Hey guys" I say. "Katrina! You ready to go" I hear mom yell. "Yeah, coming" I say. I turn to the boys. "Well nice meeting you all, bye." I say. "Cya" they all say. "We should chill sometime" Zayn says. "We should" I say looking at Harry. I smile and walk off.
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