Justin and Jane are inseparable as siblings. When Jane gets accepted to her dream school, Julliard, Justin decides to leave her in the care of the family of Sammy Tate, her best friend, and go to London to earn the money for Jane’s tuition fee and study there at the same time.

Now, after five years, Justin’s finally coming home. Jane, an alumna of Julliard, is ecstatic to finally have her big brother back with her. Much to Jane’s dismay, Justin has met a girl in London. Her name is Ebony White. She’s pretty, smart, kind. She’s perfect. Now, she’s his fiancée.

Jane, with the help of Sammy, schemes to destroy and stop this wedding from happening. Too bad, she’s only got a short amount of time to do it.

Her plan hits a rocky road when TV’s celebrity bad boy, Seth Dean, who also happens to be Ebony’s cousin, clashes with Jane. She gets more than she bargained for when she starts becoming close with Seth.

Will Jane succeed or will her plan to stop Bridezilla come to an end?


1. Meeting Bridezilla





December 1, 2012. A Saturday.

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for so long. It was the day my half brother, Justin Pucket, was coming home after five freaking years.

Justin’s my big brother. We had different dads. I am…well, my mom’s daughter from another family. Second family to be exact. That doesn’t matter though. We’re still really close.

He’s two years older than me, making him twenty-four years old by now. He’s what people called a heartthrob. He’s tall, standing at the height of 5’11. He has brown hair the color of light mahogany and a light shade of brown eyes. No wonder a lot of girls were trying to steal him when we were younger. They never prevailed. I always got in the way and made sure no one would steal Justin away from me.

No, you are wrong. This is not incest. I do not have any sort of feelings for my brother. That is not why I’m so possessive over him. You see, he is the only person I have left other than Samantha “Sammy” Tate, my best friend.

My parents died in a car crash when I was ten so they took me in. Not long after Mr. Pucket, Justin’s father and my stepfather, got killed in an investigation. You see, he was a police.

As I was taken in by the Puckets, consisting of Justin and his father, Justin and I became close. He would be my protector from all the mean bullies and such while I, as I said earlier, got rid of all the girls trying to seduce him.

I was a very weird kid back when I was young. I was even classified as a nerd. People called me mean and insulting names such as “Clumsy Janie” or “Bane Jane”. Justin was the only one who would come to my rescue. He fulfilled all the duties of an awesome brother.

We were inseparable!

When my stepfather got killed, we were taken care of our sickly maternal grandmother. She was already weak and frail by that time. She paid for our studies until I was seventeen. She died of a heart attack.

Justin left when I was just seventeen. I was in high school then, he was in college. He left me in the care of the family of Sammy. I’ve got accepted to Julliard, my dream school. I always had a passion for performing. We couldn’t afford it.

That was when Justin decided to go to London. Why? He decided to work there to pay for my studies, since they pay you a LOT more there. He also studied there at the same time. Good thing he’s charismatic and at the same time really smart, he was able to get a scholarship.

He even left me his class ring as a sign of him coming back. He told me that the class ring would only be given to the most important girl in his life and that’s me, his little sister.

Since his class ring was big for my thin fingers, I hang it on a chain and I would wear it as a necklace. It made such a nice accessory!

Also, he promised that when he came back, we would finish the song we were writing when we were kids. I continued some parts of it but I always got stuck with the bridge and the last verse.

I’ve missed him so much. I owe him everything.

Now, I graduated from Julliard and he’s finally coming back! My big brother’s coming back!

I stood anxiously as I held a large yellow banner with my two hands. It read, “Welcome home, Justin!”

Every letter was a different color. It was a pattern of all the hues of the rainbow. Starting from red ending at violet.

Waves of people walked down from the plane towards the waiting area. No sign of Justin.

After a gazillion years, okay, more like two minutes, Justin stepped out. He was trailing his navy blue travel bag with him. He was searching the crowd. As soon as I saw him, my eyes lit up. His hair grew a bit longer but other than that, he looked exactly the same.

I dropped the banner (poor banner) and screamed; “Justin!” as I ran towards my brother. He looked at me and grinned.

There was something different about him. Something was in his eyes. An emotion I have never seen before. It made him glow.

He enveloped me in a bear hug.

“I’ve missed you so much, Jane,” he said as he buried his face in my long brown hair.

Before I forget, my name’s Jane Anderson. I just graduated from Julliard. I have a major in drama.  I can act, sing, dance and play the piano and the violin.

I’m pretty plain looking. Even my name was plain. I had dark brown hair the color of chocolate that reached my back and eyes that were a shade darker than my brother’s. I have a thin stature yet I was quite tall. I stand at the height of 5”7.

Today, my hair was styled into a braid like Katniss Everdeen. I wore a pink flannel shirt and white shorts partnered with my trusty pair of combat boots.

“I’ve missed you too,” I said, not letting go of Justin.

“Hi there,” a smooth soprano voice said.

I looked at where the voice was coming from.

A pretty girl was standing behind my brother. She was about an inch taller than me. Her hair was the color of lemon and she had sapphire blue eyes. She had a porcelain complexion. She wore a green sundress and her thin fingers grasped the handle of her travel bag.

She looked like a living doll.

I furrowed my eyebrows as Justin let go of me. He put his right arm around the girl.

“Jane,” he said softly yet proudly, “This is Ebony White.”

I’ve got a feeling I won’t like this girl.

“I’ve heard so much about you!” she grinned.

I looked at her oddly. Who’s this girl anyway? I’ve never seen her in my entire life. I don’t know who she was!

“Um…hi? Do I know you? ” I asked in a rather rude tone. Okay, a really rude tone.

Don’t blame me! I spent a part of my childhood getting rid of girls trying to steal Justin away from me. Now, there’s a girl just like that standing near him.

Justin glared at me for a quick moment.

Justin didn’t answer but the blonde girl did. What she said next caused me to be horrified. Utterly horrified!

“I’m going to be your future sister,” she said, hugging me tightly.

“What do you mean?!” I chocked. Jeez! This girl can hug tightly, man!

She let go of me. Her hands were gently squeezing my arms.

“Don’t be silly, Jane,” she chuckled. What’s so funny?

I looked at my smiling brother for a confirmation that I hoped would never come.

“Yeah, she’s my beautiful fiancée,”

“Oh…wait…what?!” I exclaimed.

No, this cannot be happening. No!


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