falling for you

reina sotelo is a hispanic 18 year old who just moved to england from her home town in mexico to attend collage there reina has a love for singing.while between working and school reina meets unfamous liam payne.liam starts to fall for her but will she fall for him


2. the tour

later liam was done put the last few bags down her motioned me to come with him we started walking towards his car. he started the car and drove away i was quiet  and well focused on the many pretty sites i was seeing                                                                   'reina i see you are fasinated by england '                                                                                        .yes the places here are not like the places in mexico.                                                             it gets boring after awhile, i wish i could travel somewhere else other than here like mexico.                                                                                                                             trust me it gets boring over there too. we both laughed. he pulled into a huge collage i took a step out and examined the place liam and i walked inside i brushed my hands agianst the brass bars alined by the front doors. as we started walking liam started asking me questions about myself and i asked him to. turns out he likes to sing to seems that we are taking all the same classes. he took me to every room explaining the subject teacher and more, we kept walking along until liam stopped infront of a room and turned back frightened."whats wrong i asked ' .3

its its just that my umm father died in this exact room; liam i  am so sorry my father died to.

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