falling for you

reina sotelo is a hispanic 18 year old who just moved to england from her home town in mexico to attend collage there reina has a love for singing.while between working and school reina meets unfamous liam payne.liam starts to fall for her but will she fall for him


1. endurance

                  Adios mami'   i shouted as a walked out the door and into my car. it was my  first day of going to england i am so glad i got accepted to the collage over there. i looked at the apartment key i had just gotten and hour ago awe still has my moms fresh tortilla smell from the kitchen on it .i got out my car and opened the door to my cold and lonely apartment.i picked up my bags and set them down. i suddenly seen a tall young man walking towards me with a smile. 'hi i am liam payne your new neighbor" "Que"  i replied not thinking "oh sorry nice to meet you i am reina sotelo i am umm new to england and attending a collage here " 'nice to meet you reina pretty name' thanks i said blushing 'can i help you with moving your equitment'  i looked around towards the trunk seeing my piano guitar and music generator. "ya that would be nice" 'so what collage are you attending reina' 'its called wolver high  i have no idea were it is" 'hey that my school i would be happy to show you a tour when were done would you like that" "sure liam i would like that' 

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