The journey

My story is about a family of 4 going on holiday but they notice that they have missed the plane back home and then the family need to try and make a way back home.There is a dad called James and he is 42 and there is a mum called Lauren and she is 38 and there is twins , a boy twin and a girl twin and they are 10 years old.
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1. The night before traveling.

One nice, shiny, beautiful summers day there lived a family of 4.Theres a dad called James and he is 42 and a mum called Lauren and she is 38 and twins , one boy and one girl. The twins names was Joe and Lucy and the twins didn't know what was going to happen the next day, the mum and dad kept it as a surprise.Joe and Lucy tried spying and listening to their parents but they didn't find out anything, Joe said to Lucy 'should we just leave it as a surprise?' But Lucy wasn't giving up.The sun went down so the mum and dad packed up everything for the surprise but what they didn't know is that Lucy was listening to them in the next room.Luckily parents didn't say anything about the holiday but they did say about how they was going to get to the airport and at that point Lucy ran up the stairs and woke up Joe.She said 'guess what the surprise is' but Joe didn't want to know, he just wanted a surprise but Lucy refused not to tell him.When Lucy was just about to tell him the parents walked in and stayed with them until they went back to sleep but Lucy was pretending that she was asleep.The parents went down to pack more of the things and Lucy shot up and tried to wake up Joe but he wouldn't wake up so Lucy just decided to go to sleep so she went back to bed.The mum and dad went up the stairs to check on the kids and they found them fast asleep so they finished the packing and went to bed.
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