My life is a ruin, when I was five my parents car drove off of a cliff. I have vivid nightmares and I live in a hell hole. The supernatural lives in this world and they can be dangerous. My brother is a vampire and I am the goddess of life and death. When I become enslaved, I learn new things. But some memories are meant to be forgotten. My curse is that who I love, they will die from either A) I kill them or B) they find out my secret and die from heartbreak. This is my story of my first love; my only love.
I am a saviour. I am a murderer.


19. War

Out of nowhere, the dead rose from the ground. Lighting shot the trees and other nature in the area. ''Fine if I can not have her from a spell, then she will come to me; on her own.'' yelled Angel. He did some hand movements and suddenly, I was off his spell. Using the dagger that was in my hand I joined the boys that were fighting. However, I didn't go straight for the dead, I ran for Angel. Turning around, Nicholas saw what I was going to do and yelled ''NO'' at me. I ignored him and still ran up to Angel to kill him for the torment that he made me do to innocent people and the curse he placed on me. Over the days that I wa cursed, I learnt that Angel and Nicholas were immortals but they shared something that was too deeply hidden. Rain came pouring down and water was dripping off of my face. When I reached Angel, I shoved him onto the floor and turned him over holding the dagger on top of his heart. ''You're going to die for what you have done to me and thousands of other people! You are a monster!'' I screamed.

''Good luck. You couldn't resist me when we first met.'' he calmly replied.

''Shut up.'' I said, as I raised the dagger high into the air and pulled it back down right into his dirty heart. As Angel died, Nicholas yelled out in pain and clutched his chest. ''NICK!'' I screamed and ran to help him. Blood was pouring from the exact place where I stabbed Angel. ''How can you be bleeding? There is no wound.'' I asked crying. 

''Angel and I share the same soul so if he dies, I die.'' he coughed. And then in my arms, he died.

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