My life is a ruin, when I was five my parents car drove off of a cliff. I have vivid nightmares and I live in a hell hole. The supernatural lives in this world and they can be dangerous. My brother is a vampire and I am the goddess of life and death. When I become enslaved, I learn new things. But some memories are meant to be forgotten. My curse is that who I love, they will die from either A) I kill them or B) they find out my secret and die from heartbreak. This is my story of my first love; my only love.
I am a saviour. I am a murderer.


10. The lost goddess

"Welcome to your new home Luce!" cheered John. Gazing, around me I could see a vast palace behind a statue of Queen Victoria in 1837. "Epic!" I say sarcasticly.

"Oh don't be like that. Kensington is a magical place where you will find out who you really are." Nicholas told me. I rolled my eyes and walked into my new home. "You can pick your room." John called up to me. 


Listen you will meet me at sunrise tomorrow at 3:00 am, if not something very bad will happen to you. Don't tell anyone or they will die. Bring no weapons. Just yourself. The Round Lake. See you then. 

Those words. What did they mean? They must've come from an Immortal or a Vampire. I didn't want to tell John or Nicholas just in case if something did happen to them. I ran down towards the library finding a book or something then I found a book by a servant. The Lost Goddess of Olympus. I read some aloud. 


When Zeus, the king of the gods, married a beautiful woman in her teens, she had a baby girl. She had big green eyes and rose red lips, soft pale skin and ruby cheeks. Her hair was smooth brown and yet it was so long. How do I know this? Well when I shortly moved here some three years ago, I came across a secret door in Kensington Palace in the King department. Inside there was  a golden ball that was floating. It told me who I was and what the future me was going to look like. Here in this book, is what I will look like. The daughter was called Tami meaning 'Spirit' I was the daughter however the goddess has powers and the ball said the future me will be the salvation. And if you are reading me, me then I wish you luck on your adventures. The family you have is fake. 

Love Tamairi   (Meaning soul)


This was about ME! But how can  I be a goddess. I must find this golden ball after I consult to my diary...


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