My life is a ruin, when I was five my parents car drove off of a cliff. I have vivid nightmares and I live in a hell hole. The supernatural lives in this world and they can be dangerous. My brother is a vampire and I am the goddess of life and death. When I become enslaved, I learn new things. But some memories are meant to be forgotten. My curse is that who I love, they will die from either A) I kill them or B) they find out my secret and die from heartbreak. This is my story of my first love; my only love.
I am a saviour. I am a murderer.


12. The Golden Ball Foretold My Future.

Going to this 'hidden' door in the Palace, I came to notice that the door was really obvious. There was a door nob that matched the staircase and you could see the outline of the door's shadows. I turned the nob and walked inside. The room was deathly dark and right in the middle was the Golden Ball. I tentatively tip toed around it so it consequently wouldn't hear me. Then I sneezed. "Who has awoken the ball? Speak! Or you shall be terminated!" summoned the ball. Building up my courage I spoke. "My name is Lucinda Willow Jacobs. In 1846 you saw my past self. I am here to speak about who I am." 

"Ah the Lost Goddess. Welcome Salvation. What are you here for?" it asked me. I glared at it for a second or so and I told the thing I have been wondering for years. "I have never known who I am however, because you know everything I want you to tell me everything about me." It chuckled.

"You're sure?"

"Yes." I urged.

"The name you have is not your real. It is really Tami, your parents are Zeus and your mother was a secret. However as Zeus and your mother had what people do to make babies, she went down to Hades and did the same thing. So your blood is split. When you where born, your mother took you down to Earth where she met Jack-your step father. Then they died in a car crash made by your father Zeus. You are the Goddess of life and death. And here is the thing Tami-you have powers that can fly, raise the dead to attack your enemies and to read peoples' mind,past, future and their fears. Now anything else you want to know?" What the HELL!!!!!? "Yes my future."

"In your future all I can see is darkness, fire and death. Nothing else. Come to me at the same time as today and I'll help you with controlling your powers. Dismissed." the ball shut up. 

"Well thank you." I called as I left the hidden room.

"Yes I will find her John." Nicholas said from behind the wall. Er, think Tami! Why am I using my real name? I closed the door behind me and ran up a few stairs to look like I was coming down. "There you are! come on you will miss dinner. John wants to have dinner and he has cooked it himself." Nick urged me to go with him. So I am really the Lost Goddess of Olympus and I am half dead and half alive. Great. But sweet, I came from a place of mythology so that means the myths are true. Epic! I thought to myself as I walked down to the dinning room where my enemie Samantha was waiting. "What the hell are you doing here Sam?" I question. 

"I-" she began but the whole palace collapsed on top of us.  

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