My life is a ruin, when I was five my parents car drove off of a cliff. I have vivid nightmares and I live in a hell hole. The supernatural lives in this world and they can be dangerous. My brother is a vampire and I am the goddess of life and death. When I become enslaved, I learn new things. But some memories are meant to be forgotten. My curse is that who I love, they will die from either A) I kill them or B) they find out my secret and die from heartbreak. This is my story of my first love; my only love.
I am a saviour. I am a murderer.


4. Lies

"So what do you need to talk to be about? I ask wondering what he'll say. Before he can say anything, he shoves the dead body out onto the street. Oh shit the sun. "John get inside you'll burn and then die!" I scream. He laughs and comes back inside. Unburnt. Oh thank god. "Oh don't be so silly Luce." John laughs as he moves a strand of my dark brown hair out of the way. "anyway put that aside, I have a gift for you." John says as he gets out a lovely decorated box. Please don't say it is a wedding ring, please don't say it is a wedding ring. I thought. John opened up the box and inside  produced a magnificent ring. "Wow, thanks but no thanks. I don't wear stuff that is too expensive." I was shocked but his face was still calm-not unhappy. "It is an

Immortal protection ring. It will protect you from the dark magic of the evil Immortals." John argued back; well I said argued because he had that tone of an argumental brother. "Luce just put it on, it is for your sake." "Fine, only because you have asked so nicely." I giggle. He did a motion for me to put out my right hand and then John slid the ring onto my middle finger. When I tried to pull it off, it didn't budge. "It will be able to come off in about half an hour." John told me. "OK can we go to town like you said?" I question. "Um also I forgot to to tell you yesterday, you are a spirit with magical powers." John quickly said as if he didn't want to say it. "John, drop the pranks and don't lie. O.K a spirit can not be seen and also they are Immortal. So do not lie to me!"

I was shocked at what he said. He tried to respond but I was not listening to him so he went upstairs to make his bed. I walked into the kitchen and made myself a coffee  Why does my brother have to lie to me? As I was wondering, the vampire came in and he hugged me. "Yo! can I take off the ring now?" I ask; John was still hugging me. 


"No keep it on Luce. I mean it."

"Fine. No coffee for you then later tonight." I joke. 

"Like usual." John sighed.

He was still hugging me so I felt a little bit odd. My fringe started to fall from it's clip but I didn't care. I have never had anyone hug me before. Then after ten minutes John squeezed me tighter. 

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