My life is a ruin, when I was five my parents car drove off of a cliff. I have vivid nightmares and I live in a hell hole. The supernatural lives in this world and they can be dangerous. My brother is a vampire and I am the goddess of life and death. When I become enslaved, I learn new things. But some memories are meant to be forgotten. My curse is that who I love, they will die from either A) I kill them or B) they find out my secret and die from heartbreak. This is my story of my first love; my only love.
I am a saviour. I am a murderer.


6. Have I seen you before?

We arrived in town at 12:00 pm and everywhere was bustling with cars, ordinary people and Immortals. "So where are we exactly meeting Nicholas?" I glanced out of the window where everyone was waving at John. "And why are these people waving at you?" 


"They are waving at me because when you were little the great fire broke out and I saved a young girl. That was you." John turned a corner. "We are meeting Nicholas in the grande park. If you look outside the window now there is where I work." bloody hell! John works in the crystal palace where the most of the laws and finances come out of. "WOW. I never knew you worked there! And if you saved me in the great fire why didn't you take me home then?"

"Lucinda, you must understand that you were three and you were living with Jane. so I could not of have taken you home." John annoyed me because he said my real name. I was about to say something but then John stopped the car and out out queuing me to come as well. "Luce, welcome to grand park. Follow me then." I followed John further into the park where I saw the most hottest boy I could have dreamed of. Pale white skin, deep red lips, soft dark brown hair and laughing blue eyes. 

"Hey John. And you must be Lucinda; John's sister." Nicholas said, smiling at me.

"Hi yeah I am John's sister but call me Luce and you must be Nicholas." I groggily said. But I had a feeling that I have met with Nicholas before but where? John lead us into a Costa Coffee. "Nick, would you mind if you hung out with Luce today? I'm sure you won't mind that." John asked. In Nicholas's eyes, i saw them light up and then he said to John and to me "I would not mind that I would like to get to know Luce."

I ordered coffee for the boys and myself after about an hour before John was due to leave. "Here one espresso and one mocha with cream." John and Nick gave me their thanks and then John left for work. Nicholas and I strolled though the park and he asked me quite a lot of questions. "So Luce what was it like growing up in that slum?" Nick asked. I burst out laughing and so did he. "I thought you were going to say care home. For me it was like hell plus hell equals more hell." I told him, I felt like I could trust him.

"That bad?" 

"You would not believe." I answered back. 


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