never let me go (niall horan love story)

Angel payne is liam payne sister and she has had a big crush on niall they both like eachother but there is a twist he has a girlfriend will niall be with angel will liam get mad...... well your just have to read to find out


5. your a mistake (part 2)

liam pov: what i said into im sorry the lady said but you can come and vist her thank you i said then hung up G-UYS i sceamed they  all come running down the stairs what happpen liam why are you crying danielle asked a-ngel-l got in are car acciened i said still crying we better go to the hosptial perrie said                                      Angel pov: i woke up in a room thats white then a lady walked hello miss payne um hi you have visters she said ok  ANGEL YOUR ALIVE YEAH WE MISSED YOU eleanor perrie danienile liam niall harry louis zayn all sceamed and all came and huged me (at home)  (three hours later) angel niall said yes niall will you be my girlfriend my heart littly stoped niall ......................................................................yes i will be your girlfriend      niall pov : omg she said yes i love you angel i said i love you to nialler . angel pov let me call liam isaid to niall ok babe niall said oh gosh the way he says babe makes me fall in love with him. liam i said what he said im dating.. how are yyou dating angel liam said im dating NIALL!!!!!!! i sceamed in to the phone yeah i so happy liam said really? i asked him yes liam said wow i said bye leeyum bye then i hung up niall im going to go on your laptop i said ok thats fine im going to go in my room niall said  i went on twitter and saw twits saythings like: @onedirectionluver26 u hoe why are you dating niall your worhless your a mistake GO DIE!!!!! that really hit me i am worthless im a mistake and i should go die (author note how has it i was like yeah niall is finally dating angel but mabye she might cheat on niall ok so tell me how it was well bye vashappin styles69~xoxo

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