never let me go (niall horan love story)

Angel payne is liam payne sister and she has had a big crush on niall they both like eachother but there is a twist he has a girlfriend will niall be with angel will liam get mad...... well your just have to read to find out


2. finding love

                    angel pov : WAKE UP HELLO LAZY WAKE UP WHAT i said i made breakfest  i ran down the starires wait harry yelled GOOD MORMING niall yellled giving me a huge hug gosh a love his hugs  goood morming you to nialler NIALL jennna yelled oh  hi jenna i said to her hi she said i dont understand why niall is dating her shes such a gold digger she only wants niall for his money and fame   i wispered to eleanor   i know i feel bad for him we both said to each other  guees what where doing today liam said. what were going to see justin bieber said liam me and niall both sceamed  OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS  i said huging all of them  i going to get ready  i said  i looked in my closet i picked a justin bieber shirt hit short short shorts then red sparkley vans  i put on some makeup then curled my hair i looked preety if i could say myself i ready i said ok lets go said louis  when we got there i said by niall and we both fangirled  then we went  home that was amaZAYN ( u see what i did there hun no ok) we all said well im going home said jenna bye baby i'll miss you i love you said niall kissing jennna that should be me:( jennna pov: i love you too then i left and went home jennna josh said what i walked in the bedroor when he pinned my on a wall (13+ please if not DONT READ I MEAN IT ) he stared biting my neck and taking my clothes then when josh was geting ready niall come in niall pov i left some thing at jennas flat i think i said bye nialler angel said gosh she so nice i always been in love with angel everbody know but angel and jenna.  then i got in the car and drove to her flat i opend the front door  then i was going to her room where i left my shirt when i walked i saw her naked on a bed with my best mate josh WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE I SCEAMED  niall baby jenna said DONT BABY ME YOU WHER HAVING SEX WITH MY BEST MATE . im sorry nialll jenna said  NO YOU WHERE CHEATING ON ME  im sorry  NO JENNA WHERE DONE WERE BROKE UP. thats when i went home Angel pov: why did niall just run up to his room i said i dont know harry said ill go check on him i said i went and to knock on nialls door GO AWAY no niall its me angel oh he said when he opend i  saw his eyes where red and puffy he was listing to turn your face by little mix (by the way i love that song) oh niall what happpend i asked him jen-na cheated on me oh nialll come here i said sitting on his bed he sat down and i started holding him what di-d i do he said nothing you did nothing niall. angel niall said yes i said will you sleep in my rooom tonight niall said my heart stoped yes niall i said good night angel i love you so much... ive alwats loved you niall said good night niall ive always loved you to. (auther note so how was that it toke me 3 hours and i cant always updated every day so hope you guys like this stroy cause is gonna be amaZAYN well thats all bye Vashappin styles69~xxx)












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