never let me go (niall horan love story)

Angel payne is liam payne sister and she has had a big crush on niall they both like eachother but there is a twist he has a girlfriend will niall be with angel will liam get mad...... well your just have to read to find out


3. BROKEN <3

Angel pov: (the next day) when i woke up i was in nialls bed then i headed down staries  HI!!!! ANGEL eleanor said to me hi el where is everybody oh at ihop eleanor saidd why didnt you go i dont like i hop eleanor said  "i wannna save your heart tonight he'll only break you" my phone rang i saw it was liam helllo i said HI!!!!!! SIS liam said wow your happy i said i know so where at ihop do you want us to bring you food he asked no i said oh angel niall told me some thing crap what he tell you i asked ohh that you comford him last night when jenna cheated on him its all over the new liam said wow i sai welll i got to gobye love you leyum i said bye ang loves you to. Then i hung up ohh i think nialll likes u angel eleanor said no he doesent i said oh angel hun i said siping on my cofffe me louis zayn perrie liam and danielle eleanor said ok so harry niall and you are going to stay here ok eleanor said                                                                       nialll pov: im so sad right now im so BROKEN<3 :( i dont even want to live                                                                                                  (auther note aww poor niall dont say that baby well that was just a quick chapter the next 3 chapters are gonna be about eleanor danielle and perrie like a little live story cause i thouth that would be kool to do bye vashappin styles69~xox

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