We Can Only Imagine

You have to use you imagination a lot in this book


3. Wow that's tense imagine continued


You guys got there you were outside walking towards the hotel "I got a surprise for you tonight" Justin said. "What babe" you said. "Well if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise would it?"he said and smiled. "No it wouldn't" you said. "Well I guess you're just going to have to wait aren't you" he said to you and winked while he was walking backwards holding your hands as you walked towards him. He then pulled your arms bringing your body towards his. And stopped walking he looked down at you smiled while holding your and still you looked up and smiled back he then. Raps his arms around your waist and picks you up as you rap you legs around his waist. Then you two kiss. You grabbed his hair while kissing because you were taller then him while you were wrapped around him. You both stoped. "I love you" you said to Justin. "I love you so much baby" he replied you played with his hair more looking down at him smiling. You get down off of him and you two then walked to the hotel holding hands. You guys go to the hotel.

            You and Justin were bored. So you had a good idea. "Want to go swimming in the pool Justin" you asked. "Sure babe let me to get my bathing suit bottoms on" "okay baby ill go but my stuff on too" when you both got dressed you guys went to the pool. You felt the water to see if it was cold. It was so you said it's too cold. Justin said no it's not and cannon balled right in front of where you were standing. "Come in babe the water feels good" he said. " no" you said. "Fine" he then grabbed you around your ankles and picked you up and put you in the pool. You then dunked him under water. Then he flipped his hair because it was all wet.  You laughed. He then puts you under. You went back up and laughed. You then went and leaned against the wall. As Justin swam a little bit. He then came over there putting his body close to yours with your body's touching as he grabs you hips and buts his lower body against yours.

You felt something that people like to say is Jerry but you didn't say anything. You just looked down and. Looked up and gave him a weird look. "Oh opps" he said as he backed off. "I understand it happens" you told him. "Okay" he said as he went back to the same position and played with your hair while kissing you.  He stopped playing with your hair and put his handes on your neck while going down. He had his hands on your belly and hips and then he grabbed both sides of your bathen suit and started going into your bottoms you stopped kissing him. "Babe idk about that" you said. 

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