We Can Only Imagine

You have to use you imagination a lot in this book


2. Imagine continued

Chapter One Continued
 I think we shouldn't. Because I'm not ready for that big of step. I love you  Justin but I'm not ready for anything that big. But Im so glad that I can call you mine. "It's okay babe if you're not ready I'm not ready I'm glad to call you mine to" then he kissed you. Im tired you told him. " okay babe no body is here and I don't think anyone's coming for a while so we can watch t.v and cuddle" okay thanks sounds good to me you said. You got dressed into shorts and a tank to go to bed in and justin takes his pants off and puts his shorts on and takes he shirt off. You turned the t.v on and laid down . It was on the drama channel. They were talking about you and Justin. They said that it seemed that your relationship started to get really serious. Which is has. And that beliebers and fans did not like it. Justin loved his fans and would take a bullet for his beliebers. So you thought  if beliebers mean that much to Justin we should just maybe take a break. Because You don't want them hating on him or you  just because Justin and you are in a relationship. But You love him so much You think You need to sleep over it. 
Justin changed the channel. And turned looked at you in the eyes he said my fans and beliebers will see how happy we are together. And they will see we belong together. And most Of them will get over it. But we will always have haters he told you. But that doesn't matter he then kissed you on your forehead and grabbed you by the hips and pulled you close to him and looked down at you and smiled. You then rested your head on his chest and he laid his head on your head. You looked at each other eye to eye and smiled. His warmth of his body cuddled with yours felt wonderful. You put you hand on his abs as felt them. Dang you said then laughed he laughed at you. You both got tired and fell asleep.  Pattie got to the tour bus she walked in and thought she would make breakfast for you and Justin. You and Justin are suppose to be in different rooms. Pattie went to go wake up Justin and she seen you too laying together she just looked at you and smiled. She woke you both up. You both hopped up scared of getting in trouble but she didn't seem to care. "I have pancakes on other things for both of you out in the kitchen. Thanks pattie you said. "You can call me mom" she said okay you said. Justin put a shirt on you and him went out there and ate the food she made. Then the bus was off to go to Michigan for the next concert. It was 8 hours away from we're you Guys were.



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