Struggled Breath

She had it all,
a fashion sense,
but she lost it all when her mom died. she just, stopped, *breathing*. she got bullied and teased. suicidal thoughts run through her head all day. will she act on them?

*This isnt based on a true story, but it might as well be. this is happening all over schools nation wide.*

please note: Crystal is faced with bulimia, suicidal thoughts, self harm, home beatings, cyberbullying, bullying, and attempted suicide, along of course with being diagnosed with depression and losing a dear family member. later on she may deal with rape, teen pregnancy, or... death. im not spoiling. one of these may point is, if you have dealt with any of these things, please, download KIK messeger (if you dont have it) and kik me, my username's helpmehotline1, and tell me your story, the full thing. please. and if you want, please share it and i will publish it for future items later on in the book. thanks guys. I only want to help. #staystrong <3</3


3. Back At School

I'm back here after Summer. I have paler than pale skin from never leaving my room. I shut out everyone. I hardly ate, hardly slept, hardly lived. I think I'm getting a sunburn from the shade......

"CRYSTAL!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!! Darling, how ARE you? is everything ok? oh sweetie, you look like you havent left your house all summer! and what are you wearing, are those... SWEATPANTS?! oh, well, we need to take you shopping. Darling, are you talking?" I just stood there. I'm not sure how my voice will work, i didnt use it all summer, except for letting out sobs. "fine! ignore me then! sheesh, what a bitch!" i heard my 'best friend' natalie tell everyone else. well, screw her. i can live through this. i tied to make sure my wrists were covered. i didnt want to show off the one thing i did all summer. the scars were still there, and no amount of conceler was going to make them go away. I raced into the bathroom, closing a stall and taking out my pocket knife, cutting an empty space on my wrist. my new rule. im going to let these on my left wrist wash away, then for every cut on my right r=wrist,it will equel a bad thing that happened to me. good resistance, i thought.

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