Liberty in Paris (Liam Payne Love Story)

Hi, Im Liberty Marie Marshall. I live in Paris with my dad, my mom died when I was 8. After she died my dad turned into a alcoholic, and abused me. Who will save me?


3. Packing Up

"Here, they might be a little big." Liam handed me jeans and a shirt. "You can shower in there." He pointed to a door on the far right. I nodded and slowly walked into a rather large bathroom. I turned on the water to a temperature I liked, and stripped. I got in and winced as a bit of pain came from my bruises. 

I cleaned up and hopped out, getting dressed in somewhat overly large clothes. I brushed and dried my hair and walked out. I headed downstairs finding the boys all ready to go. "Ready?" Liam asked. "Yeah.."


I stood in front of my house, my nerves taking over. I even started to shake a bit, but Liam held my hand. "It's alright, we're here." I opened the door and turned on the lights. Dad wasn't here....which was really weird. He never left home....ever. "H-he's not home...." I said. "Oh well this will be easy." Harry chuckled. 

I walked upstairs, still suspicious as to where dad is. I opened the door to my room and got my suitcase from under my bed. I set it on the bed and started taking clothes out of my small dresser, folding them and setting them into the suitcase. "I'll just wait downstairs, okay?" Liam asked. I nodded and he walked out. I kept packing, almost filling my suitcase. I picked up a picture off of my dresser, mom. Mom and I, smiling.

I sat down and stared at her. "Mom...I miss you...." I managed to whisper. Memories of mom flashed by. The time me and mom were out shopping for our first pet. The time when me and mom went camping for a whole week. The time when mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor.....

A droplet of water fell onto the picture, and it was me. I wiped away my tears, feeling stupid for crying. Mom never told me....she didnt want me to worry...and finally it came to the day when she died. I shook away the thought and set the picture neatly into my backpack. I headed to my closet to finish packing "Liberty..." Dad.

I turned around, terror filling me. My heart raced as dad slowly closed the door. "So, where were you? Those your 'friends' down there?" I backed up into the wall. "You think they CARE about you? They dont give a fuck about you. No one does, and I see you're trying to leave now?! The hell you will!" He locked the door and smirked at me. 

You would have mistaken him for the devil. He glared at me as he walked, long steps towards me. Given no other options, I screamed. 




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