Liberty in Paris (Liam Payne Love Story)

Hi, Im Liberty Marie Marshall. I live in Paris with my dad, my mom died when I was 8. After she died my dad turned into a alcoholic, and abused me. Who will save me?


2. Ed and Boris

I woke up feeling like shit, My body ached badly. I pulled up my shirt, again revealing many more purplish bruises. I ran my fingers over them and yelped. Sighing I took a shower, and changed. After making sure that my bruises couldn't be seen, I took two Advil's. 

I walked downstairs, obviously quietly. Dad was passed out on the couch again. I opened the front door and walked out, regretting not bringing a jacket. I walked east just like before, and eventually found my way back to the same tea shop. I didn't see the boys in there yet, so i sat down by the window and waited.

"Liberty, you okay?" I heard Liam ask. "Huh? Oh yeah I'm okay." I weakly smiled. I wasn't okay though, why would I be? "Okay...Well the boys sent me to pick you up." I don't think he believed me, but I didn't care. He showed my to his black jeep and opened the passengers door for me. I got in and buckled up, while Liam started the car and drove off. 

It was silent for most of the ride, not the nice silent either. "You're not really okay are you..?" Liam asked still focused on the road. I nervously laughed "No, no,  I'm really fine." Liam sighed but didn't press further. I gasped when we pulled up next to a very large house. "It's beautiful." I gushed. 

We both got out and went through the front door, revealing a giant beautiful living room and kitchen. I took off my shoes and set them by the rest of the shoes. That's when a giant dog, and a tiny cat trotted over to me. I smiled "They are so cute! Whats their names?" I crouched down and petted the dog. "The dog is Boris, and the cat is Ed." Zayn said picking up Ed. "Ed?" I asked. 

"Hey! I named him after Ed Sheeran!" Harry pouted. I smiled and asked "Soo...what are we doing?" "We were gonna watch a movie and stuff.." Niall said. I shrugged "Can I pick the movie?" They nodded and sat down around the giant tv. "How about Charlie St. Cloud?" I said while putting it in. I sat in between Liam and Harry. Somewhere through the movie my head ended up on Liam's shoulder, and my hand in his. I felt groggy. I slowly closed my eyes, and fell asleep. 


It was quiet, really quiet. I felt that i was being lifted, but my bruises. Pain ran through me, and I let out a scream. "Woah, woah! What?!" Liam set me back down and turned on the lights. Tears blurred my eyes "N-nothing...its nothing..." The other boys came out of their rooms now. "What the bloody hell is going on?" Louis yawned. 

"Liberty, lift your shirt up." Liam said sternly. Uh-oh....they cant know...they cant. "Pervert!" Harry yelled. I just stayed quiet. "" Liam repeated. I shook my head no and held my shirt down. He sighed and grabbed my writs with one hand. "I'm sorry that I'm forcing this, but I do think you're hiding something."

He slowly lifted my shirt showing off my now blackish bruises. Everyone gasped "How did that happen?!" "Who did that?!" I looked down, on the edge of breaking down. "Liberty...who did that?" Liam asked. I shook my head and fought back tears. I felt a hand cup my chin and pull up "Liberty...please." That's when I lost it.

I broke down crying, sobbing like a baby. Liam pulled me into a hug and whispered "Your dad, right?" I nodded and looked down. Liam whipped my tears away "We wont let you go home alone  anymore. Tonight you stay here and tomorrow we get your stuff, and you're out of there."  

The rest of the boys came over and held my hand, hugged me, and said reassuring things. I honestly think they could take care of me. "Come on lets get you fixed up and get you to bed." Liam smiled. He took me to the bathroom, gave me some NightQuil, and let me sleep in his bed. "Where are you sleeping?" I asked groggily.

"On the couch, dont worry just go to sleep." And with that he bent down, kissed my forehead, and left. I once again fell asleep, this time peacefully. 


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