Liberty in Paris (Liam Payne Love Story)

Hi, Im Liberty Marie Marshall. I live in Paris with my dad, my mom died when I was 8. After she died my dad turned into a alcoholic, and abused me. Who will save me?


1. A Stranger

I lifted up my shirt, revealing new purplish bruises. Dad got drunk again last night, I made the mistake of trying to make him stop. Why haven't I learned yet? I sighed and put on my shoes and grabbed my umbrella. Paris is big, and I like to explore. I quietly walked downstairs, passing dad who was passed out on the couch, and out the front door.

The streets and sidewalks were filled with tourists, but who doesn't want to come to Paris? I opened my umbrella and started walking east of my house.  I started to space out, but kept walking. I wondered about mom, and why did she have to go? Why couldn't it be me? Dad would be happier at least...

I bumped into someone and fell back onto the ground. "Oh my god! I am so sorry!" A British accent? Whoever it was helped me up and continued apologizing. He was about two inches taller than me, and had big brown eyes. "I'm Liam Payne, and again I am so sorry." He held out his hand.

Liam Payne? From the band One Direction? I shook his hand and responded "Liberty Marshall." We stood there for a moment, just looking at each other. "Liam! What did you do this time?" Another boy shouted, same British accent. "Oh, I see. You met a lady did ya?" The one with curls chuckled.

I think I knew there names, the blonde one was Niall, the one with curls was Harry, the one with a beanie was...Louis, and the one with the quiff was Zayn. One Direction was right in front of me. "Oh, I bumped into her and she fell down. Again I am so sorry." How he apologized all the time amused me. "I'm Liberty..and you're One Direction...why are you in Paris?" I laughed.

They all looked at each other before responding "Well tour, and right now we're on 'vacation'" Niall said. "Oh, well then I should leave you guys alone shouldn't I?" I laughed and started walking off. "Wait! Would you like to share a cup of tea with us?" Liam asked. I looked at my watch, 4:23 pm. I shrugged "Sure."


I ordered Jasmine tea, and sat in the booth next to Liam and Harry. "So, Libie, that's okay if I call you that right?" Zayn asked. I just smiled and nodded. "Alright, so...what are you like?" I laughed at his fail attempt to start conversation. "Well, I like photography.." I said a little too quietly. 

"You don't have to be shy love." Liam laughed. "Lets start easy, what's your favorite color?" He asked. I thought for a moment "Blue and White." He nodded and asked "What about movies?" I laughed. Too easy "Any Disney movie! You're never to old for a classic." Liam looked shocked and smiled "Me too." 

We chatted for a while, about why I was in Paris, and stuff about their families. I checked my clock, 6:34 pm. "Oh crap!" I got up and took out my wallet, setting a ten on the table. "I'm sorry but I really have to go." Niall pouted and Harry sighed "What are you late for?" Harry asked. "I was supposed to go shopping and be home by now! If I'm not home in a half an hour dad will-" I stopped myself.

"Dad will what..?" Liam asked, looking concerned. "Dad will be...mad." I said looking away. "But, I really gotta go." I turned and went to leave. "Let us help you, that way you wont be late." Liam spoke up. I thought, and then sighed "Alright..."


Me and the boys rushed to the closest supermarket. I took out my list and read through it "Harry and Zayn, can you get the milk, eggs and cheese? Niall and Louis can you get the bread, turkey, and soda?" I asked, and they nodded. They ran off to get what I had asked. "What about me?" Liam asked. "You're going to help me get the noodles and sauce." 

We went into the right isle and searched for Angel Hair strands. "Oh! I found it!" It sat on the top shelf. I stood on my tippy toes and reached, but it was just out of my reach. I felt someone behind me and reach over and grabbed it. "Here." Liam chuckled while handing me it. My face heated up "D-did you get the sauce...?" I asked looking away. "Yup! Ready to go." 

We walked around until we found the other boys. Harry and Zayn had got all that I asked and so did Louis and Niall. "Thank you! Now lets cash out and be on with our day." We put all of our items on the conveyor belt and the woman scanned and bagged them. "Ce sera $23.95" She said. I smiled and responded "Merci beaucoup."

I went to grab the bags but the boys had already taken them. "Dont worry, we'll walk you home." they said in unison. We walked 8 blocks until we were at my front steps. I took the bags "Thank you for everything." I smiled weakly. I was late...VERY late.. "Can we see you again?" Liam said quietly. They wanted to see me again..? "Yeah! Can we? You're fun to hang out with" Harry laughed. 

I smiled, and for once it wasn't fake. "Sure, when and where?" They all talked it through "The same tea shop, tomorrow..?" Liam asked. I smiled, nodded, and went inside. I put away the groceries, and went to head upstairs. "Where the fuck have you been..?" My dads voice.  

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