My Second Life

This is my parallel life. It's got to be better than this one.


5. Where's the new savior, please?

"Physician, heal thyself!" or "Save yourself!" before looking around for saviors, might be wise advice. But, my savings are too low momentarily to become a savior myself. Stupid excuse, I know. I am somehow obsessed with "saviors", conspicuous characters on the world stage. The somewhat oddballs, that might turn the fate of mankind. Assange, well, he's sitting in the Ecuadorian embassy, aspiring to become the next Australian Prime Minister. But this evil red haired Julia Gillard won't let go of her status for another year or two, I think, so let's be patient. Things have been promising in South America, but beginning with the ending of Chavez, probably killed by carcinogen viruses, the end is nigh.


The saviors of our planet may be out in space. They are invisible forces and will infiltrate certain personalities, maybe only for a while. Jesus was a savior, Buddha was a savior. They were personalities having an impact on all kinds of people: rich, poor, man, woman, old and young. Where could such a figure appear? Could it be the ex-copper dealer Nigel Farage who co-founded the UK independence party and shouted into the EU-dictator's face (Herman Van Rompuy)? Or the new black pope? Just a wild guess... The new savior might be waiting next door, so let's keep our eyes wide open and be all ears.

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