My Second Life

This is my parallel life. It's got to be better than this one.


6. Turning into a teacher

Well, a savior? Naaa. Let's just look for teachers, intelligent, original people who have experience and wisdom. That's enough for now. If you aim too high, there's a high chance of never leaving ground.


Wait a minute. I need to work on becoming a teacher. That's it! I need to fill up with info, true info from the net or my thoughts and inspirations, need to observe the outer and inner world, my relationships and world politics (and don't forget economics or computer science). I need to know everything, basically. And be a nice, good, friendly person, no matter how much I fail. Fail with a smile, because the journey will always be eternal. How boring if you get rich and famous and happy instantly, without effort and pain.


But can you really learn to become a teacher? Isn't teaching learned by teaching? Well, there is no one to teach here at the moment, except myself, my parents and my friends. I need to look for a job where I can teach. Anything! Anywhere!


I've been working real hard last year, rarely "having time for myself". The baby is here too, so that means non-stop taking care of, being vigilant. Now that I have a break, being away from everything, and having endless time "for myself", I don't feel happier or more fulfilled. I have different emotions, of boredom, of freedom, of emptiness, loneliness, chaos. It's that inner core I need to focus on. It's not nothing. It's the ETERNAL NOW. Support your inner core and all the changing emotions, the pressure to succeed, the spoiling influences from without and within will step back. And this hidden core will shine in broad daylight. Enjoy. Enjoy.

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