My Second Life

This is my parallel life. It's got to be better than this one.


4. The survival strategy

Ok, I need a plan. A plan to survive the craziness of the modern world. All this standard of school, work, family is bullshit. Everyone who thinks earnestly for an hour or two, should get it. We are of no value for the elite ruling class. They have created a self-perpetuating system that devours us alive. Slowly and surreptitiously, so we don't get it.


Now, let's get down to basics. We need a plan. No time to waste time. I will get up every morning and suck up all the sunrise power of nature. Enjoy the quiet before the everyday storm. I will use the Internet to get all the true information, double-checked by trustworthy, independent sources, i.e. passionate bloggers unrestrained by fear of losing a job.


I haven't had any spiritual experiences lately. Music, movies, art have lost their meanings. Entertainment is an obvious escape from your depressing problems. But a creative collecting and reconstruction of reality and history - that's worth DOING. I won't be that passive onlooker anymore. No time to waste by day-dreaming constantly. Become lucid and take things into your own hands. Reveal things. Show how you see them and tell them what you've found.


There will be hardships and sacrifices on the way. But it's a path worth living. Because it fills and fulfills your life. And gives it clear direction. Enough with the babbling. Let's get down to work.

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