My Second Life

This is my parallel life. It's got to be better than this one.


9. Sex

Sometimes, I'm just lonely. No, I just want to have sex. And it's great, because you just need to think about someone and bamm! She's here, right in front of you. All naked. No, I'm not dreaming. It's real. Almost too real. She is there, ready, horny, wet dripping, squirming impatiently. I go slowly towards her and smell her sweet, dripping sweat. I look into her cat eyes, twinkling, staring at my hungry eyes. I kiss her. Her lips are soft and lubricated. Her tongue is hot and snaky. My heart pumps hot blood into all extremities. I'm electrified. I hug her, squeeze her tightly, go down with both of my hands to grab her ass cheeks, so round and firm. And quickly slip my index finger in between. I love doing that. Just checking how far she is. I lay her down. And look at her gorgeous body. Barely any body hair. Only these curves and hills of porcelain. Soft, elastic porcelain. I need to devour this beautiful, luscious body. How do I do it?


No, not in the porn-mode I used to fall into. Take it slow. Enjoy every moment. I listen to the raindrops hitting my roof window pane and the wind swooshing by. And I'm back with her, in her, slowly, feeling every nerve, every breath, every shower of cold goosebumps running up your pine, almost exploding, so slow down, no I can't hold it any longer.


I feel like all negativity has left me. Just for a moment.

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