My Second Life

This is my parallel life. It's got to be better than this one.


2. I'm in the eternal now

Listening to the bird's chirping, the silence, I'm left on my own. The thing that makes me happy is happiness. 'How can I achieve it?' I kept thinking for awhile. At the moment, nothing is going on. I'm on my own, can do whatever I want. Really? No, I can only do the things I can imagine to do. I need another loophole to get into. A different state of mind. I need to be possessed, obsessed by something awe-inspiring. Ok, I'll try it. This magic incantation.


Come to me, dear spirit of the happy....Hello? I think I first need to get into a trance. Ok, sit down in a lotus position. Eyes half-closed. No, I'll completely close 'em. Then, take conscious breaths and just fade out into this peaceful, passive-alert state of being.


Hello? Anybody there?


Nothing. Completely nothing. Well, I'll get over it. I'll go out. Enough with being a couch potato. Up into the jungle of...well, how about the city where many interesting people gather. Do they? They must. So I beam myself over there by swirling, swirling around myself like Dorothy phasing into Oz.


I'm there. The electrifying city. Like Sex in the Sex in the Sex in the City. Ok, here we go again. Sex is the one thing we are not supposed to do here. Don't ask me why. Anyway, let's meet someone. Oh, hi. How are you? Oh, I mean, what's your name? Novi? That's a strange name. Well, sorry to be impolite, but ... how old are you? 12? Oh, that's a little too young. Bye!


So I go on. And on. Who wants to have a teenager anyway. They are so immature. And they won't enjoy ... you know. Ah, here we have the right person. Hi, my name is ... What's your name? Julie, oh, nice name! Well, Julie, you seem to have a lot of time and also seem to like me right from the start (my telepathic abilities are great at the moment for some reason). So let's get going ... into a Love hotel? Ok? Great!


So we go straight into that stylish, old, rococo place, with lots of  antiques and flowery design pieces. Nice place, isn't it. Yes, of course. You chose the place. Are you from around here? She doesn't answer. Well, we are not here to talk. We want to exchange and maximize our potential, like recharging our batteries. How do we do that? Well, simply stand in front of each other and gaze intently into each other's eyes. It's easy. And kinda boring.


So, what was your name again? Ah, Julie, well, was nice to meet you, but I have other plans. No hard feelings, right? I need to find someone special, someone sent from God, or destiny. Just feel magical again. This grey world is getting on my nerves. How can I get on top of everything? I need to sink into myself again. Into this deep unknown of my inner being. And I won't stop until I find the key to happiness. This burning in my heart.


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