My Second Life

This is my parallel life. It's got to be better than this one.


7. Dealing with Internet addiction

I made an online "Internet addiction test" I was in the middle range. I am relieved, but also realize that I need to beware, stay alert and find strategies to fight the "attachment". It is kinda paradox to fight internet overuse, by checking it on the internet, but by doing the test I realized the areas and the motivations I have when I use the internet.

The Mailbox checking is a big part, the socializing. It seems convenient and there are possibilities and enhance and intensify the social experience. But like with Facebook, it can also alienate you and put a dark shadow over the old-fashioned relationships, where you talk face to face with each other, in a cafe or an outside location. I used to consider myself shy, but that was only because my big brother was so self-confident and sociable, fearless. But I have also my dear close friends. Not many, but there are some people who don't have any friends to meet.

I need to see the internet not as an end to itself, but a stepping block, a temporary Dali-crutch.

And when work comes back again, I'll surely won't have time anymore to surf aimlessly. So don't worry, hun.

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