**This story is NOT for kids! If you are under 16 years old, please do not read this, and if you are under 16 and you decide to read this book.. please do not come to me and complain!**

Her name is Hanna, she's 17 and she's totally in love with One Direction. One day she get's to meet them, but nothing goes as planned. Will she survive? Will she get to meet her fave band? Read and you will know :)


9. Chapter 9

20 Minutes Later

We arrived at the local parking lot to get our bus. So many fans were waiting for us, it made me feel so good. 

''Damn i'm fucking hungry'', grumbled Niall.

Niall didn't change, he still was this hungry animal who never got tired of eating.

''Welcome boys, you ready to get inside your new home?'', asked Paul.

We all high fived and got out the van.

A trillion fans were screaming at us ''WE LOVE YOU 1D'', I really wanted to meet some of the fans so I made my way near the gate.

''Harry, we don't have time for this, come back here, they have all year to meet and greet'', yelled Paul, from across the lot.

I didn't care, I was already arrived. 

''Hello'', i said to everyone with my cheeky smile every girls loved.

I tried to touch everyone's hand and take pictures with as much fans as possible. 

''AREN'T YOU ASHAMED OF BUYING THE BUS WHERE HANNA McCORMICK WAS KILLED WHILST YOUR UP ALL NIGHT TOUR, YOU DIRTY SKUNKBAGS'', i heard someone yelled from across the crowd, but unfortunately I couldn't see who shout that to me.

''EXCUSE ME? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?'', I yelled back, but nobody answered.

I air kissed everybody and made my way back to the van, I took a last look to try and find the person who said that, but with no success.

''c'mon Harry, we are going to be late'', Liam said, aggravated for i don't know which reason.

''I'm coming Liam'', i ran my way to them.

We all got into the van and started to unpack some food we brought and put our bags into our closet.

I decided to take out my laptop and search ''Hanna McCormick'' on google, they were a lot of historics about this little 17 year old girl who got assasinated during a One Direction show in Canada 2 years ago.

I clicked on one and started to read it in my bunk.

Tragic story, 17 year old Canadian Hanna McCormick was found dead in an abandon bus on April 27th. Autopsy shows she has been raped and beaten to death before being left out abandon in a cold field of London. 17 year old was attending a One Direction concert when she was kidnapped and brought to London. Teen mom is devastated when we met her shorty after the body was found two weeks after her disapearance.

''What sick bastard can do this to a 17 year old child, she had all her life in front of her, she was beautiful, so young and fragile. I knew i shouldn't of let her go alone at this concert, I will never forgive myself for this mistake'', -Moreen Ashbee

London's police department have found an abandon what seemed Tour bus two weeks after McCormick's disappearance, they identified the body and sent the body to Canada in the same day. Hanna McCormick funeral will be held in a funeral complex in Canada on April 29th at 11:30 am, family and friends will be there and you are welcome to give your condolence to the family.

-Tricia Banks

Canadian news reporter.

I was petrified.. what have we done, why weren't we informed of this tragedy? Why did they let us buy this bus?

I felt sick again.

''Louis'', i gasped for air


I handed my laptop to Liam who started to read the article out loud so the boys could hear. 

''HOLY FUCKING FUCK'', Zayn yelled.

''That's our bus guys'', Liam replied, petrified as well.

''Why in the world we weren't notified about this?'', Niall replied.

''Hanna...'', Louis questioned himself.

I looked at him right in the eyes and tried tell him that's the girl i've been having nightmares about every since we've bought the bus.

''Holy fucking crap Harry, isn't the girl you've been having nightmares about ever since we've visited the bus?'', Louis responded. 

''You got it'', i whispered.

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