**This story is NOT for kids! If you are under 16 years old, please do not read this, and if you are under 16 and you decide to read this book.. please do not come to me and complain!**

Her name is Hanna, she's 17 and she's totally in love with One Direction. One day she get's to meet them, but nothing goes as planned. Will she survive? Will she get to meet her fave band? Read and you will know :)


7. Chapter 7

Lou and I arrived at a very fancy restaurant i've never been too in my entire life. He could've said he was planning on setting me up with a..WHOAAA, this girl. She was beautiful.

''Hi my name is Harry'', I smiled at her, then at Louis and El, then back to her. 

She had long not natural red color hair, green sparkling eyes, she was tall, maybe 5 foot 6, and had blinding white teeth.

''Nice to meet you Harry, i'm Kaya'', she smiled back

We made our entrance inside as we were greeted kind-fully as usual and got assigned the best seats near a huge window.

''After you'', I said Kaya, pulling the seat so she could sit. 

''Thank you sir'', she laughed and smiled, sitting down.

Their was something about her..she was so graceful in every move she made that made me feel confident, but shy as well  It was plesent.

We had a lovely dinner, but I couldn't let her go just yet so I decided to invite her to the movies tonight, she accepted and I was glad with her acceptance.

''How will we manage to watch a movie in public Harry?'', she asked, sliding her arm into mine.

I liked that, I smiled to myself.

''Don't worry about that love, I have a special movie theatre where no one may interupt our movie'', I took her hand into mine

She blushed and smiled at the ground. 

''You don't know o-oh, you don't know you're beautiful'', I whispered in her ear, singing.

''Oh jesus, don't be so cheesy Harry'', she pushed me a little on the arm, laughed real hard and took my hand in her's again.

''I'm not being cheesy anymore I swear on you're beautiful face'', I smiled back.

''You just did'', she laughed more.

I content myself by smiling back and opened her the door of my Audi.

**At Harry's flat**

''So this is you're secret Movie Theater right?'', she asked

''I'm sorry, i know this is kind of shady, we only met, BUT LET'S PRETEND IT'S LOOOOOOOVE'', i sang. ''I'm kidding, but yeah this is it, it's my home sweet home, come i'll show you around'', i replied.

I showed her around, it took ages because she would stop in every room to examine every single thing I had, it was adorable.

We arrived to the last room, which was my home Theater. We picked a movie which was ''The Vow'', with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdam's, god I loved that movie. 

''Do you want to  make out?'', Kaya asked, randomly in the middle of the movie.

I was surprised, I wasn't expecting an easy girl, but hey why not, she is beautiful and she is down so whatever.

I smiled and made my way to her neck, I kissed every part of her neck down to collar bones and made my way to her breasts.

She got on top of me and we started to make out heavily, it was intense, nothing like I was expecting of her.

I put her down on her back and pulled up her dress and pulled down her nickers. I kissed her every intimate part as she undid my skinny jeans and let out my hard as a rock cock. She got up and on top of me again as we went into the flow for hours, doing different poses like we were porn stars. It was awesome, I can't deny it.

After we were done, she decided to go home, she didn't want to create a big fuss if some paparazzi saw her coming out my flat tomorrow morning. It would've looked like she spent the night over and had violent sex with me all night.. not like that didn't happen, but it would look less perverted if she would leave now, so she did. I kissed her goodbye on the cheek  and led her out of the building.

I got back upstairs and had a warm bath. I don't know why when i'm alone I can't stop thinking about the name Hanna and our new tour bus  and everything i've seen in my dream. I started to feel depressed and lonely again and I coulldn't get a good night sleep if I were alone so I called my best friend from Cheshire, Shannon and asked her to stay for the night. She gladly accepted.

We talked for a good hour but then we fell asleep like we always did in the past, spooning with our clothes on.




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