**This story is NOT for kids! If you are under 16 years old, please do not read this, and if you are under 16 and you decide to read this book.. please do not come to me and complain!**

Her name is Hanna, she's 17 and she's totally in love with One Direction. One day she get's to meet them, but nothing goes as planned. Will she survive? Will she get to meet her fave band? Read and you will know :)


6. Chapter 6

I coul'nt get myself from not thinking about this girl Hanna, I had to get some information about this mysterious dream so I decided to call a specialist.

I got out of the shower, wrapped the towel around my waist and dripped the wet from my hair. I got my phone and dialled Paul's phone number, he could find someone for me.

''Hey Paul, it's Harry..I was wondering if you could help me find a person who is specialized in dreams'', i stopped.

''Hey, sure. Give me 5 minutes and i'll call you back'', he respond.

''Thanks mate, i'll be waiting for you call'', I hung up.

I put on some clothes on and went downstairs for a big cup of tea, then I heard someone knock on my door.

I opened it, it was Louis.

''Hey,I thought you were sleeping, come in mate'', I gestured him to come in.

''Yeah well you kind of worried me..so did you get any information?'', he asked, taking off his denim jacket and putting it on the floor like always. 

I grabbed his coat and hung it in the coat locker.

''I gave a call to Paul, he's suppose to call me soon'', I said.

''You never have weird dreams like that...especially about stuff like this'', he sat down on the counter, pouring himself a cup of tea.

My phone rang, it was Paul.

''Hey  Paul, so ?'', I half shouted.

''Sorry Harry, no one is available right now, not until 2 weeks, you'll have to wait buddy'', he responded.

''Alright then, thank you'', i replied, disappointed

''See you tomorrow, the bus will be at your door at 7am, sleep tight Harry'', he hung up.

I put my phone down and sat down next to Louis.

We sat there for about 2 long minutes before Louis proposed to meet with Eleanor and her friend. I accepted and we left the building. Maybe i'll be able to put my mind off all this fuss.

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