**This story is NOT for kids! If you are under 16 years old, please do not read this, and if you are under 16 and you decide to read this book.. please do not come to me and complain!**

Her name is Hanna, she's 17 and she's totally in love with One Direction. One day she get's to meet them, but nothing goes as planned. Will she survive? Will she get to meet her fave band? Read and you will know :)


4. Chapter 4

Two years later*



I came closer to Zayn so we wouldn't have to shout our conversation

''No Haz, ask Liam I think he's the one who talked with Simon'', He replied, unpleased. Zayn hated not knowing all the important information.

I made my way upstairs to Liam's hotel room, he was on the phone.

''Yes Simon, we will be there at 4pm..'', he said, pausing. ''Aight, thanks, later'', he hung up.

I gave a knock on his door as i half opened it. 

''Hey mate, i was wondering at what time we had to leave'', I whispered.

''Hey lad, we gotta be there for 4pm, so about in an hour we'll start to leave, and why in the world are you whispering?'', he answered.

''Sorry'', i laughed. ''Later'', i finished, closing his door shut.

I made my way back to my room and packed my stuff.

The story behind our meeting for the tour bus sale is well.. we kind of broke our bus and we need a new one. Simon knows a guy who knows a guy.....who knows a guy who sell's magnificiant tour bus for cheap, so we are meeting him today at 4pm to take a look. We get to choose the one we like this time, it made it exciting because we have too live in the bus for a whole year. Take Me Home tour started off great, we started off by Dublin last week, it was massive! 


1 hour later

''Are we guys ready and packed?'', asked Louis, excited

We are excited for a new bus, we've been having the same crap for two years now.

''Yep'', everyone said

''Alright so let's leave'', i half shouted.


Arrived at the garage lot, we were all mesmerized by the quantity of tour bus they had. Big bus, small bus, medium bus, not so good bus, very luxerious bus. We looked around, but one certain bus caught my attention.

I stared outside, watching it's massive windows, i knew Louis would love this amazing bus, it had some fashion to it. It was just a normal bus, but so shiny and big.

''Hey guys, come around here i've might found our new bus'', i shouted half through the huge lot.

I stayed there, with my arms crossed.. my eyes couldn't leave the bus's sight.

''This?'', replied Niall.

''What do you guys think about it? Isn't it beautiful?'', i asked

Obviously i was the only one attracked to the bus, but i couldn't take my eyes off his sight.

''It's shit Harry'', Liam frowned.

''What? Are you kidding me?'', i half shouted

Louis turned around to find the manager of the place, even though nobody liked what it looked like on the outside, they wanted to please me and visit the inside either way.

''Excuse me sir, can we take a look inside please?'', Louis asked.

The manager made his way to us, took out his stack of keys and unlocked the door.

''You may go inside gentlemen's'', he commented, gestured our way up the stairs of the bus.

''Whoaaaaaa'', everybody said.

''Told you, i knew this bus had something great'', i said, proudly. The guys never trusted my opinions but always gave in to what I say, sometimes it's not good ideas but sometimes, like this times.. i was right

We looked around, they were 5 bunks, and one room closed at the back of the bus. I made my way to this mysterious room, as i opened the door, i felt something wrong about that room. I made my way in even though, it was huge, it was a pretty nice ''living room''. 

''Hey lads come over here, their is a living room'', i gestured the boys to come in.

My head started to hurt real bad, like if someone just banged my head on a wall.. i decided to ignore it.

''That's pretty sick, i like it'', Liam said, satisfied.

''So is this it boys?'', Zayn asked

I felt sick, I had to leave this room and take a drag of air. I left the bus and puked at the back of the bus. Someone patted me on the shoulder, i turned around. It was Lou.

''Are you alright mate?'', he asked, worried.

I wiped off the residue of vomit I had on the side of my lips.

''Yeah mate don't worry..it must of been something I ate at the hotel'', i responded.

I felt better but I still needed some air, so I stayed off the bus and waited for the lads to come off.

''We'll take it'', Niall said to the manager

We made our way to his office and signed the papers, made the payment and left the garage.

As we made our way back to London, i tried to cover from the sickness i had in the bus and eventually managed to fall asleep.

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