**This story is NOT for kids! If you are under 16 years old, please do not read this, and if you are under 16 and you decide to read this book.. please do not come to me and complain!**

Her name is Hanna, she's 17 and she's totally in love with One Direction. One day she get's to meet them, but nothing goes as planned. Will she survive? Will she get to meet her fave band? Read and you will know :)


10. Chapter 10

''I'll call Paul guys, we are not keeping this bus'',  Niall jumped off his feet, entering the next room with his phone clenched to his firm hands. I know it was crazy living in a murderers bus, but I had a feeling it wasn't that bad, something was telling me we shouldn't change bus. 

''Guys, no need to panic really, we are not the killers here, we didn't know! We shouldn't make a big fuss about it'', I half shouted.

''ARE YOU CRAZY HARRY?'', yelled Zayn. They all looked at me like I was insane.

''We all loved this bus didn't we? We shouldn't punish our self for someone else acts.'', I replied.

Everyone went silent for a while, seemed like forever. Awkwardness filled the room until Liam decided to speak.

''Yeah but what if this girl decided to haunt us? What if she punishes us for that psycho's acts?'', He paused.

Hanna P.O.V

I felt sadness run through my body. I was sat next to Harry and listening to what the boys were saying. I was ruining their fun, their tour, they couldn't live with the thought of me being killed in this bus. I never wanted this! People would say i'm blessed for being so close to the boys, but what kind of fun is this? Seeing them cold blooded over my story, not being able to see me or speak to me. I was living a nightmare.

I put my hand on Harry's chest, I could feel the pain he was living as well and that made me want to kiss the top of his forehead, as I was leaning in, he got up. I could feel the tears streaking down my moist cheeks. I had to show them in a way that I was here but not scaring the living hell in them. All I saw was a mug on the counter so I picked it up and prayed to god Harry would see me when I poured some tea in the mug and brought it to his bunk. I sat down on his bed and waited for him to look up and see me.

Harry P.O.V

I didn't know what to think about of all this craziness..the boys would never understand why I want to keep this bus, and I would never try to explain why i want to keep this bus so much. I could feel the presence of Hanna, she is sad, she wants to be delivered from this horific bus who took her life away. I felt close to her, I could feel her every emotion and all I wanted is to see her.  I closed my eyes and prayed to god to make her appear. ''Please'', I whispered. But in vain, she didn't appear. 

I closed my laptop and plugged my earphones in my ears, closed my eyes and fell asleep.


*sorry for the lame chapter, its been so long and my inspiration is at its lowest level. feel free to give me ideas!!*-Marie

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