The move

Maya is a girl from Toronto, she has moved to England to live with her ant because her parents died in a car crash 1 year earlier, she meets 1/5 of OneDirection, the band she loved, most of all Harry, they went to high school together, she always loved him but he will never know....


1. The move

Mayas POV:
I wake up to my ear popping, i open my eyes slowly, i head the flight attendant say we were landing in London England, i was so excited to move to a new place of that death house i lived in before. I started walking when i bumped into a young man, i guess about my age, i fall to the round hitting my butt on the ground. " oh my sorry love i didnt see you there" i know that accent from anywhere. I look up to see bright green eyes look right into my big brown boating eyes. " it's alright" i say and get up and walk away fast, star struck. I feel someone grab my arm, i turn around and look up into Harry's eyes.
"Oh i was just wondering, whats your name love?"
"Maya, yours?" I couldn't just say i knew everything about him i had to act cool.. Just keep cool
"I thought u would know, we'll im Harry" he said with a cheeky smile that the end
" oh your Harry! My cousin is in love with u, if she met u she would freak!" I am right now..
"Well lets to meet her"
"Harry, i cant just let a stranger into my car, and tell him wear i live?!" I saw laughing
"Im not a stranger im the man your cousin is in love with, now does that sound strangerish to u?" He asks sticking up one eye brow
" fine but only for a bit.. My cousin owes me.. Big time" i lie i dont want him to leave!
"I know u want me to stay" wtf, how can he read my mind.. Just act cool.. Cool

Harry's POV:
Shes so god dam beautiful! She tried not to let me help her with her bags but i have her no chose. I carried her bags into the taxi and we were off. I couldn't help but stare at her, her long brown hair, it has like a million different colours in it, it was beautiful, and her eyes! Wow! They're so big and dark brown, but have hints of light brown in them, i loved it, i li- " take a picture it lasts longer" she laughed staring at me. I blushed i cant help myself.
" so u have a boyfriend? "
" no, not right now "
" cool im single to! "
" your cheeky u know that? "
I just blushed and then we arrived at her house...
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