Elemental Jungle

My name is Jayanna, but I go by Jay. I am 14 years old. Earth is not the earth people think it to be. About 500 years ago, an asteroid hit earth. It did not wipe out the human race, but the asteroid gave many people elemental powers. Generation after generation, everyone on earth has at least one out of the seven elements(fire,water,ice,earth,wind,light,electricity). I for one don't like the idea of it all. We practically have to train ourselves. I think there something out though and so dose my best friend Jessie we both want to know for ourselves.


3. What?!

   We walked inside. I laid on my bed and he was laying at the edge of my bed. "I forgot to ask, but what were you going to tell me that was important?" I asked in curiosity. "Jay...I'm leaving the forest." I just sat there in shock. "Why?..How could you just leave me?!" I said while chocking up on my tears. "The other day I ran into girl about our age. When I bumped into her she was scared and threw a flame at me. I wanted to tell her not to be scared, but she started to run. So I did the vine trick and than she did the same to me but the vine had thorns on it. As my ankle was bleeding and I was in pain she got out of the vine and ran." He stopped talking to me and looked at me. "What dose that have to do with leaving?" I asked with tears in my eyes. "Don't you get it!? That girl had two elemental powers that's not normal Jay! After a lot of thinking I decided tomorrow that I'm leaving the forest to find out if I have an extra element like that girl!" 

     I couldn't hold it in anymore I started to cry. He came right by me and put his arm around me. I laid my head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry Jay. It's just like what you said earlier there might be something out there no one really knows about like someone having another element." "You said there is no need to worry that we will have each other!" "I know. I'm sorry I just really wanted to get that off your mind." I stopped and thought for a quick moment. My tears were in my eyes, but did not run down my face. "Let me come with you!" "What Jay!? Are you crazy!? I don't know how strong the other elements are! I'm sacred to go." I looked down with more tears running down my face. "I'm sorry. I just don't want you to get hurt." "Jess what if you get hurt? How will you get help?!" 

    There was a bit of silence. "If you really want to come than pack and rest up and i'll meet you here a little before sunset." I got up and hugged him. "Thank you. I really didn't want you to get hurt and me not be there." He wrapped his arms around my body. I started to feel his tears on me. I looked into his watery eyes and hugged him once more. 

     "Ok, pack up, rest for a while and i'll be here before sunset." "Ok." He left outside and ran to his place.

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