Elemental Jungle

My name is Jayanna, but I go by Jay. I am 14 years old. Earth is not the earth people think it to be. About 500 years ago, an asteroid hit earth. It did not wipe out the human race, but the asteroid gave many people elemental powers. Generation after generation, everyone on earth has at least one out of the seven elements(fire,water,ice,earth,wind,light,electricity). I for one don't like the idea of it all. We practically have to train ourselves. I think there something out though and so dose my best friend Jessie we both want to know for ourselves.


2. Thinking to much


       We sat in a bit  of silence till, "So Jay have you been practicing vine trick I showed you?" Jessie asked. Both of us are both earth elemental. We control any plant or rock type of substances. "Umm...yeah it was easy after I did it like four or five times." "Cool, I knew you would get the hang of it."

     "Yeah...Can I ask you something?" "Sure Jay." "Do you ever stop and think there is something else in this world that no one really knows about?" "Yeah. All the time, but its just a thought you know." "I think there is and I want to know what it is. I also question about other things." "Like what?" "Like, why do we grow up with practically no one else? Why do we have to train ourselves at a young age still not knowing what our element is? Just all kind of questions." "Yeah, but those are questions no need to worry about. We have each other now. Were both the same element so we can train each other." "I guess." I said while getting up. 

     I started to walk away till I felt a pull on my ankle. The pulling feeling felt more like a tighter feeling. As soon as I took my next step I fell. I looked back and saw a vine wrapped around my ankle and Jessie sitting on the log looking at me and smiling. I touched the ground with just the tips of my fingers and lifted my hand. My fingers were pointed straight down towards the floor. I turned my hand up so now my fingers were pointing straight up towards the sky and looked back to see Jessie. As he was sitting on the log the ground underneath was rising. "Real funny Jay now put me down." He said while I was ripping the vine off my ankle. I got up and replied, "Nah, I need to get inside." "Jay this isn't funny anymore put me down!" He exclaimed. "You want down. Ok you go it."  I curled my fingers into my palm and shot them out so my hand was open. 

     When I opened my hand the log with him on it dropped. The log was tilted with him on the floor next to it. I looked to see if he was ok. His had in a fist with his thumb up telling me he is ok. "Haha ok well I'm just going to go inside and relax for a while." "Can I come?" He said quickly as he got up. "Why should I let you?" "Oh..How my back hurts from that fall?" "Ok, you can come." "Yes!" He said with happiness.

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