Elemental Jungle

My name is Jayanna, but I go by Jay. I am 14 years old. Earth is not the earth people think it to be. About 500 years ago, an asteroid hit earth. It did not wipe out the human race, but the asteroid gave many people elemental powers. Generation after generation, everyone on earth has at least one out of the seven elements(fire,water,ice,earth,wind,light,electricity). I for one don't like the idea of it all. We practically have to train ourselves. I think there something out though and so dose my best friend Jessie we both want to know for ourselves.


5. The New Guy

      When the wollock was out of site completely. The boy had put his arms down and the shield was gone. He had walked closer to me. I backed away in bit a fear, I was still scared of all that happened. "No reason to fear me." He had said. He extended his hand for me to shake,"I'm Chase." I shook his hand. "I'm Jay,umm, thanks for saving me." Our hands dropped and he smiled. "So I'm guessing your a earth elemental." He said with a smirk. "Yes, and I'm guessing your a fire elemental." I said back. I saw him look at my backpack.

    "Where you going?" He asked. "Oh, umm, traveling with a friend." "Who?" "Hes not here, I was waiting for him, but than I got attacked." "I saw, that's why I came." "Thanks again." "No problem." He said.

      I walked by the foot of my door and sat down. He came and sat by me."So where you and your friend traveling to?" He asked. His curiosity caught my attention, yet I still decided to answer, "Were leaving the forest." "Well looks like i'm coming with." "What?!? Why!?!" I asked. "Well you and your friend are going to need me. I know past the forest. I know whats past that. I know this planet as if I own it. If I could I would claim this planet as mine, but I know a lot of people would." "I don't know if you can though." "No one can keep me back from anything. I'm going!" He exclaimed. I smile and giggled a little too. "Ok than." 

       Jessie came through the bushes. He saw me and chase laughing and smile. I think he was jealous because came towards us quickly. "Who's this?" Jessie asked. "Oh this is chase." I answered. "He saved me from a wollock. He also is coming with us." "What?!" He exclaimed. He pulled me away from Chase. "Why is he coming?" Jessie asked. "Well after he saved me he asked why I was just waiting out her I told him I was waiting for you than he kept on asking questions. After a while he told me that he new past the forest." "So?!?" "So he can help us go to where we might need to go. Plus he is a fire elemental so it wont be just two earth elemental it will be two earth and one fire." "I guess he can come, but I don't trust him and I wont!" "OK".

    We walked back to Chase. "Come lets go." I said. He got up and walked the right side of me and Jessie was on the left. While walking I was just think of how Chase saved me. How if he wasn't here I would've been a dead one. No thanks to Jessie. We walked in silence for a while, till Jessie randomly started to ask Chase a bunch of questions while in my head I thought this to be a very long walk.


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