Elemental Jungle

My name is Jayanna, but I go by Jay. I am 14 years old. Earth is not the earth people think it to be. About 500 years ago, an asteroid hit earth. It did not wipe out the human race, but the asteroid gave many people elemental powers. Generation after generation, everyone on earth has at least one out of the seven elements(fire,water,ice,earth,wind,light,electricity). I for one don't like the idea of it all. We practically have to train ourselves. I think there something out though and so dose my best friend Jessie we both want to know for ourselves.


6. Camp out

       Fifteen miles in awkward silence. I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to say anything wrong and just make the awkward silence worst. Chase was in front of us now. I can tell he was focused on getting us out of the forest safe and keeping an eye out on anything that can attack us, but I can also tell he was still aware of us. Jessie on the other hand was different. He was beside me keeping and eye out on me, making sure I was ok, yet at the same time I can tell he was watching Chase. 

       "Jay, What do you think is beyond the forest?" Chase asked very curiously. "I'm not really sure." "Well just be prepared for anything." Chase replied. "Why are you asking her this? Are you trying to scare her?" Jessie asked angrily while quickly grabbing his arm. Chase didn't say anything he quickly pulled his arm out of Jessie's grip. Chase walked ahead of us again. Jessie just stood there a little blank, like he didn't understand what was going on. Jessie didn't want to walk or even move slightly. I just walked in front of him trying to stay behind Chase. Once I got about 2 yards away he ran to catch up with me. 

     Jessie was staying by my side no matter what he really didn't want anything to happen to me.  We kept on walking for about another 10 minutes. Chase stopped, and looked at us, "Its getting to dark to go any further, were going to have to camp out." "Well ok, lets get everything set up." Jessie replied, while setting his bag down. Chase just smiled. "What? Why are yous smiling?" I asked very worried. "He thinks I meant here." Chase answered. Jessie looked at him like he didn't understand what was going on, like he was lost with everything he was hearing. "This is to open and were to close to 'The Gate Way' so any animal can attack us when were sleeping or something." "Ok then, where are we going to camp 'Mr. I-know-everything', huh!?!" Jessie looked at him as if he couldn't take him anymore. "Thanks for thinking that I know everything, I might know more than you, but not everything. I know a place for us to camp out its not far from here either." Chase responded to Jessie, he did not like him at all now. By the look of his face when he said that I knew Jessie was going to start to have a hard time with him, not that he didn't already. 

      About 5 minutes of walking with Chase we got to the camp out. It was almost like a cave but it didn't go in very far it. It went in about 8 yards in, it also wasn't enclosed, it had a shade like structure going over us and it didn't have enclosed walls around us either even from being the yard within it. It seemed as if someone had been there before because there was a fire place that someone had used. "I come here when I come in and out of the forest and need somewhere to stay." That made a lot of sense. 

    Chase threw some logs into fire place. He got some leave with sap on them and lit the ends that didn't have any. He put the leaves under the wood. It only took a minute or two for it to light completely. 

    Jessie and I were putting up a tarp. We attached two of the corners to the wall part of the con-caved rock and stretched the other two ends to the ground and stuck them into the ground with very thick sticks. 

    Once me and Jessie finished that we sat next to Chase who was sitting near the fire. We all just kind of sat there staring into fire. We didn't say anything. The silence was kind of good to me. It was really cold. My feet and hands felt numb, but the warmth of the fire felt good against my skin. It was really cold still even sitting near the fire. I sat closer to Jessie trying to get more warmth. He put his arm around me, I laid my head onto his shoulder, and wrapped my arm around his waist. Chase looks at us for a while and got up. "Hey its getting late. I'm going to sleep. Chase started to walk away, but Jessie quickly got up. "Wait!.. You should stay and talk. I mean we are going to be spending a lot of time together. We should get to know each other." I was completely shocked, I didn't think that Jessie would actually say that. It seemed like he really didn't like Chase.

   Chase turned his head and looked at Jessie. "I'm pretty sure, you and Jay know each other good enough." "No! I mean we should talk and get to know each other like you get to know us and we get to know you." Chase walked closer to Jessie "Alright." 


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