Elemental Jungle

My name is Jayanna, but I go by Jay. I am 14 years old. Earth is not the earth people think it to be. About 500 years ago, an asteroid hit earth. It did not wipe out the human race, but the asteroid gave many people elemental powers. Generation after generation, everyone on earth has at least one out of the seven elements(fire,water,ice,earth,wind,light,electricity). I for one don't like the idea of it all. We practically have to train ourselves. I think there something out though and so dose my best friend Jessie we both want to know for ourselves.


1. A Morning to Talk

     I woke up to the sound of the birds chirping. My little hut was quite and peaceful. The forest outside was nice and quite. As I stretched out my arms with my eyes barley open, I saw a dark haired boy. His legs were cross and he said softly "Good morning sleepyhead!" Its was Jessie. Jessie is a close friend of mine. We grew up with just each other for as long as I can remember. At age ten we both built our own huts and lived on our own. We helped each other learn more about survival.

     I looked back at Jessie and said while yawning "Good morning..". After that I slowly laid back down. "Oh hell no! I did not just watch you sleep for like and hour just for you to wake up and go back to sleep!" Jessie yelled. "You were watching me sleep?" I asked with my eyes closed and head laid on my grasses liked pillow. "Well kinda, I came here like an hour ago, but after a while of being here I thought I better go and find some food for us." He said while pealing and orange.

     He came and laid right beside me with his elbows and stomach on the bed and his hands hold his head up. "Here have some your going to need your the nutrition." He puts a piece of the orange towards my mouth. I open my mouth and ate the orange."Thanks Jess." I said with a smile. "Anything for you Jay." I gave him a kiss on the check with my sticky lips. "Ok get up. After breakfast I have to tell you something important. Ok?" He said very seriously. "Alright I'll get up," I replied.

     I put on some jeans and a nice green colored shirt that tied with a black tank-top underneath. As I finished brushing my hair and everything I walked outside. I saw Jessie. He was sitting on one of the logs around the fire pit.  Just as I go closer he got up to put more twigs in the fire to make it heat up more. Around the fire were branches that pointed up in a cone shape with a pot that hung in the middle, just above the fire. He looked at me as he sat down and patted a spot next to him. I sat down on the spot he patted on.

     He looked at me and smiled. "Are you hungry?" He asked. "I'm starving!" I answered. "Well I made your favorite. Hazelnut soup."He said as he pour the soup out from the pot and into the thermal cup. "Ok what do you want Jess?" I questioned. "What I can't make my best friend her favorite soup or something." He answered. I looked at him and rolled my eyes back. He put after a blanket around him and stretched out the other half to put around me.



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