All yours

Rudy has to make the hard move to California after her dad passes away. She feels empty and lost. She's trying her best to make things work for her Mom and brother, Beau. She meets 6 best friends, who change her world. Showing her how to laugh and smile again. She finds herself growing close to the one and only, Harry Styles. The popular soccer player, who happens to be falling head over heels for her too. Will Rudy be able to let him in and stay for good? Or will she find reasons to push him away, when things seem like to much? Together these friends will make their time together special and worth remembering.


2. not so easy

Rudy’s POV-

The day trailed on, leaving me bored out of my mind. My history teacher was talking about… wait I don’t even know. Probably should pay attention next time. Yep, good Idea Rudy. Anyway, lunch was in 3 minutes and I couldn’t control my excitement and nerves. My top reasons were, 1. Seeing my new friends, they were all so sweet. And 2. Harry. No other words could fit by his name.

I’m actually really frustrated by the fact that I let a guy get to me. I usually hold my ground and show no sign of weakness. But with Harry, everything seemed to be falling… and hard. I kept up with my thoughts till an arm nudged me. “You coming Rub?” Louis asked. The bell must have just ringed and I totally missed it. “Yeah” I said, following him out the room to lunch.

It was a beautiful warm day, so everyone was out in the court yard, spread out on the lawn. “Hi guys!” I smiled taking a seat by Alex and Niall. “Hey, how’s your day so far?” Alex asked, taking a bite of her sandwich. “Good, just long.” I said, reaching for my grapes. Everyone was in their own conversations and I just sat there in peace, enjoying the sun. “Toss me one.” Harry called from across me. “What?” I asked in confusion. “The grape, toss me one.” He chuckled. I did so, and he managed to catch it right in his mouth. “Your turn” He said, reaching for the grapes. “I’m bad at this game.” I whined. “Well don’t be bad then.” He smirked. “Ha, so funny Styles.” I said, trying to hide my smile. He threw me one and it needed up hitting my left cheek. “Your right, you are really bad at this game.” He smiled, tossing a grape in the air and of course catching it in his mouth. “Gee thanks.” I frowned.  “But you’re still cute.” He smiled, making fireworks explode in my stomach. I looked away from him and caught Alex looking at me and smiling. She mouthed, “Get some”, making me burst out laughing. We continued to have a interesting lunch, but soon was cut by the bell.

As I started walking to my class, Harry followed right beside me saying nothing. “What’s your deal Styles?” I asked, not wanting to play games. “No deal, just though I would walk you to class.” He said. I sighed, “Look, no guy like you would even be remotely interested in a girl like me, so why are you bothering me?” “Didn’t think I was bothering you” He said, seeming enlightened by the conversation. “Well you are” I spat back, trying to keep my cool. “Playing hard to get are we? I like that” He grinned, showing off his heavenly dimples. I shook my head in frustration, giving up on talking to him. We reached the door of my class and I turned to walk in. Harry grabbed my wrist and turned me inches from his face. “Just admit it I get you flustered, and that you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you.” He whispered, barely loud enough for me to here.  “Ha, just because you get any girl you want doesn’t mean I’m another toy for you.” I said, confident of my answer. He had a crease between his eyebrows, telling me he was trying to understand what I said.

The next thing I did was totally unlike me, but I didn’t care. I got up on my tippy toes and kissed Harry on the cheek. “See ya around lover boy.” I called, heading in the room. “Oh two can play at this game.” He cheekily responded.

As much as I didn’t want any feelings for guys right now, I felt like Harry had to be mine. I only have known him for less than a day, but I wanted to hang out with him alone. Even if he gets me frustrated and annoyed, it was what made me attracted to him. But I wasn’t going to give in so easy. He would have to work for it, and if that means playing with his mind, so be it.

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