All yours

Rudy has to make the hard move to California after her dad passes away. She feels empty and lost. She's trying her best to make things work for her Mom and brother, Beau. She meets 6 best friends, who change her world. Showing her how to laugh and smile again. She finds herself growing close to the one and only, Harry Styles. The popular soccer player, who happens to be falling head over heels for her too. Will Rudy be able to let him in and stay for good? Or will she find reasons to push him away, when things seem like to much? Together these friends will make their time together special and worth remembering.


4. I've changed.

Ruby's POV-

Alex and I were on her living room floor eating tubs of ice cream and flipping through magazines. Her parents were gone for the weekend, leaving the whole house to us. We had my iPod blasting and were just having a good time. "Want this one?" Alex asked, holding up a teen vogue. "Nah, I'm good." I smiled, looking through my phone. "Yea know, if you just put the phone down he might text you." she smirked. "I have no clue what you're talking about." I said. “Harry likes you and you like him, so why don’t you two stop this stupid game and just date already.” She whined. “Because Harry is a player, and I’m not that type of girl to go after the bad boy. But who knows, maybe I’ve changed.” I said, realizing that I have changed… a lot.

About 15 minutes later, there was a knock on the door and Alex got up to answer it. I rested on the mound of pillows and kept looking through my magazine. “Rub, come here!” Alex called. I got up and made my way to the door to find 5 boys smile at me. “Hi Ruby!” They all echoed at once. “Hey” I waved. I was only in a pair of skin tight pink spandex and a baggy cut off shirt, feeling both Zayn and Harry looking all over me. I crossed my arms, and broke the silence “What are you guys doing here?” “Just bored, so thought you could entertain us.” Harry smiled, wrapping his one arm around my shoulder. I trembled a little, every time he was even near me or touching me I had a small panic attack.

We all went into the living room and sat down to play a game of truth or dare. “Ok, who first?” Alex asked, cuddling into Liam. “Harry, truth or dare?” Louis asked, taking a handful of chips. “Dare” Harry replied, with no fear at all. “Kiss someone in this room.” Louis stated, with a smirk across his face. My heart was pounding and I start to look down at my hands fiddling with them. I was hoping someone was going to throw a magic blanket on me like in Harry Potter, but that didn’t happen. A hand lifted my chin, and a pair of emerald eye met mine. They look so innocent and loving. He was looking for my approve before going on, but I could move. He started leaning in and I finally did so as well and our lips met. I was encountered with a soft warm touch, which made me hungry for more. We moved in sync, feeling Harry’s hands rubbing over my bare thighs. My hands locked behind his neck and all my nerves went away.

Soon a cough came from around us, breaking us both apart, and a group of whistles and howling filled the room. My cheeks burned with color as I tried to catch my breath. Harry was still inches from my face and a grin crossed his face. I was still locked around his neck and I exchanged the same smile to him. He pulled me off the ground, “We’ll be back” he said leading me to the kitchen. As soon as we got there he had me pinned to the wall, giving me light kisses everywhere. I started to laugh and could stop. “What?” He chuckled, moving a pieced of my hair out of my face. I shook my head and left a quick kiss on his lips.

“Ruby, I want you to me mine, all mine.” He spoke softly. I felt that disgusting love feeling that I hated, but for the first time I actually liked it. “I’m all yours” I whispered, pulling his head down to me.


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