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Rudy has to make the hard move to California after her dad passes away. She feels empty and lost. She's trying her best to make things work for her Mom and brother, Beau. She meets 6 best friends, who change her world. Showing her how to laugh and smile again. She finds herself growing close to the one and only, Harry Styles. The popular soccer player, who happens to be falling head over heels for her too. Will Rudy be able to let him in and stay for good? Or will she find reasons to push him away, when things seem like to much? Together these friends will make their time together special and worth remembering.


3. Idea

Chapter 3- Idea

Ruby’s POV-

I held my head up high as I started on my fifth mile around the track. Niall and Alex gave up after the last round and headed to the soccer field to see the other boys. I lasted a whole week at this new school and actually liked it. I have already made amazing friends and my family’s spirits have been lifting. After I finish this last mile my weekend would start. I planned on sleeping over Alex’s house tonight, and that meant ice cream and girl talk.

I was still playing that stupid game with Harry, trying to see if one of us would break. I must say, I came pretty close when he rubbed his hand over my thigh at the lunch table yesterday.  And every time he smirked I was about to scream. Alex keeps telling me to play it cool and go for him. But I’m not ready for any Harry at this moment in time.

 Two more laps and I’m done, I thought to myself as breathing started to get harder and harder.


Harry POV-

Coach had us finish early, so the lads and I kicked the ball around waiting for the girls and Niall to finish their practice.  It was frickin hot out, so I pealed my sweaty t shirt off and threw it to the side.  Niall and Alex crossed the field coming right toward us. “Hey guys” Alex waved, running over to give Liam a kiss. “Where’s Ruby?” I asked. “Well hello to you too.” Niall laughed, slapping my back. “She was running one more mile. Niall and I stopped at four. Too hot to run!” Alex said.  Explains why Ruby is so fit. She goes beyond her standers, I find that absolutely sexy in a woman.

About 10 minutes later, Ruby made her way to the field. She had on a pair of running shorts and a sports bra on, looking much toned. “Hey, Beautiful” I smiled. “Hey Haz” She said, returning the smile.  “Ready, to go Rub?” Alex asked. “Yeah” Ruby said, picking up her bag. Both of the girls gave us all a hug and headed home. “Damn, Styles. Someone sure has you around their fingers.” Liam said, letting out a chuckle. “Yeah, sure…” I shook my head.  “Let’s go. My house?” Zayn asked. We all nodded our heads and were off.

Later that night-

“I’m bored” Louis whined, hanging from the sofa. “Yeah, same” Niall said. “Come on I have an idea.” I grinned, grabbing my car keys.

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