All yours

Rudy has to make the hard move to California after her dad passes away. She feels empty and lost. She's trying her best to make things work for her Mom and brother, Beau. She meets 6 best friends, who change her world. Showing her how to laugh and smile again. She finds herself growing close to the one and only, Harry Styles. The popular soccer player, who happens to be falling head over heels for her too. Will Rudy be able to let him in and stay for good? Or will she find reasons to push him away, when things seem like to much? Together these friends will make their time together special and worth remembering.


5. Fairytales


Ruby’s POV-

I followed behind Harry, taking our seats from across each other on the floor. Everyone was staring at us, trying to figure out what just happened. Obviously, they had some type of an idea, unless their some kind of an idiot. Alex decided to break the tension, “Rub, come help me grab some drinks?” “Um… sure” I said, following her out of the room. I turned my head back quick to see Harry smirking at, making by cheeks grow red.  I ran to catch up to Alex and hid in the kitchen with her.

“So…” She pressed. “I think we are dating?” I smiled, still confused of what all happened. She started jumping up and down squealing, “OMG, NOW WE CAN GO ON DOUBLE DATES. I TOLD YOU HARRY LIKED YOU. OMG-“I quickly threw my hand on her mouth, “Alex, what the hell? Quiet down you fool!” I giggled. We grabbed some drinks from the refrigerator and headed back to the living room. I handed some over to the boys and when I gave Harry his pulled me right into his lap.

“Um… Harry?” I asked. He just smiled at me and continued with his conversation with the boys. Alex keep stirring where she sat, not being able to contain her excitement. “Alex, sweetie, calm down” Liam cooed, giving her a kiss. I let out a laugh and she glared at me. My head was pressed against Harry’s chest, hearing his heat beat. He was rubbing circles underneath the back of my shirt, causing me to drop my eyes a little.  

“Are you tired?” He whispered into my ear. “A little” I smiled, letting out a small yawn. “Come on lads; let’s let them get some sleep.” Harry said to the boys. They all agreed and started for the car, while Harry and Liam lingered back for a couple of minutes. Liam and Alex went to the front porch, leaving the inside of the doorway for Harry and me.

I was playing with his big hands, intertwining them with my small ones. “I had fun tonight” I smiled, looking into his green eyes.  He returned the smiled and said “Me too, a lot of fun. When you’re done here tomorrow, want to hang out at my place?” “I’d love to” I said. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into a kiss, neither of us breaking away until we heard Zayn calling for Harry to hurry up. “Coming!” He shouted. “Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye, babe” He grinned, stealing one more kiss.

        I stood in the hallway, not believing that what happened tonight was true. Maybe moving here wasn’t a bad idea. Harry might be the reason to love again. Am I actually going to get a happy ending like in a fairytale?

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