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Rudy has to make the hard move to California after her dad passes away. She feels empty and lost. She's trying her best to make things work for her Mom and brother, Beau. She meets 6 best friends, who change her world. Showing her how to laugh and smile again. She finds herself growing close to the one and only, Harry Styles. The popular soccer player, who happens to be falling head over heels for her too. Will Rudy be able to let him in and stay for good? Or will she find reasons to push him away, when things seem like to much? Together these friends will make their time together special and worth remembering.


6. A little messy

I tilted my head up, taking a look at Harry's HUGE house. I thought my house was pretty big, but his was over towering the other houses in the neighborhood.  I took a deep breathe before ringing the doorbell. In just a few seconds a lady was at the door. "Hello, may I help you?" she asked. "Hi, um.. I'm here to see Harry." I said. "Oh, wait. You're Ruby, right?" she smiled. "Yeah" "Well come on in.I'm Harry's mom, Anne. I've heard so much about you lately." She grinned. My cheeks burned red and I couldn't help but giggle.

We were just getting done looking at some of Harry's baby pictures, when he comes sprinting down the stairs. "How long have you been here?" Harry questioned, taking the pictures out of Anne's hands. "Well hello to you too. About 5 minutes, why?" I asked. "Great" he mumbled. "Oh sweetheart, I didn't embarrass you, did I?" Anne grinned. I let out a laugh adding in, "You didn't like clothes much as a kid, huh?" "You showed her those pictures... the one's were I'm completely naked. Great, thanks mom. But we are now going up stairs away from you. No offense." He said. Anne smiled, "I love you too" before heading into the kitchen.

"I really like your mom!" I giggled, receiving death glazes from Harry. "Yeah, yeah come on." He took a hold of my hand and we headed upstairs to his bedroom.  It was nothing what I thought Harry's room would look like. He had a few posters of some bands he liked, spread out around his walls. Near the corner was a keyboard and a guitar, leaning against the wall. He must have noticed my curiosity, because he took a seat on his bed, letting me continue my looking. 

"I didn't know you played music." I said, walking over to join him on the bed. "Yeah, I got those both for Christmas, when I was 8." He smiled. I let my head rest on his shoulder, as he was talking about his guitar. "Your a really good listener, yea know?" Harry said. "I'm interested that's all." I smiled up at him. He leaned down to brush his lips on mine, silent filling the room. I pulled away breathless, grinning ear to ear at Harry.  He did the same, pushing some of my hair behind my ear. "So... Do you like to bake?" Harry asked. I raised my eyebrow, "Um.. I'm not good at it, but it's fun." "Good, I can teach you then." He grinned, swopping in for a kiss before pulling me into the kitchen.

All the ingredients were set on the counter, with a big bowl and spoon by them. Harry was adding in milk and I was putting the flour in. It was going great, actually. "Here, let me help you with that." Harry said, taking a handful of flour out. "What are you doing with that?" I questioned. A huge smirk crossed his face and before I could move, the flour was pushed into my face and hair. "HARRY!" I screamed. He was dying laughing, barely able to look at me. A plan struck me and soon I had the bowl in my hands, pouring the mix into his curls.  I let out a fit of giggles before hiding behind the counter. "Oh, you better run!" Harry called. We were circling the kitchen, throwing the batter and flour at each other. Harry finally caught me, hanging me over his shoulders. At this time, we were both laughing up a storm having a hard time breathing. "Ok, ok, put me down." I laughed. Once I was on my two feet, I rapped my arms around his neck, kissing all over his face. "You were right, baking is fun and very sweet." I grinned, kissing his cupcake face.

We started cleaning the mess up when Anne walked in, "What happened?" "Oh, just some baking mishap. Don't worry, its almost cleaned up." Harry said. "Ok, both of you out. I'll finish cleaning this mess up and you two head to the pool showers outside to clean up." She laughed, looking at how messy we were.



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