If only they knew

You been living a double life for a couple years now and your friends are putting the pieces together. You try to think of a plan a plan to get all ofthis mess taken care of


2. Waking up hard

I woke up to Harry on the computer updating his twitter.Telling Louis to tell everyone that he would be home tonight or tomorrow.My phone went off “Oh no” I thought. Harry turned around. “Who is it ?” He asked sounding  tired.
“My mom” I said.  I grabbed my phone
“Hey Mom.”
“OH honey good your up.”
“Yeah thanks to you.”
“Sorry sweetie.”
“It’s okay mom, so why did you call?”
“Oh yeah thats why I called.” She stopped talking.
‘So are you going to tell me whats going on or are you going to leave me hanging?” Harry laughed at my use of words. I threw my pillow at him to tell  him to be quite. My mom started talking again.
“I just wanted to tell you that Dad and I were not going to be home until Friday.I  love you sweetie.*Click*” She hung up the phone.  Today was monday and I didn’t have school all week so Harry and I could hang out all week.
“What did she want?”
“To tell me that they were not coming home until friday.”
He smiled. “Cool.”
He called Niall to tell him, then handed me the phone. “They want you.”
“Hey Callee. Its Zayn.”
“Hey Zayn. Whats up?”
“ Well the guys and I wanted to tell you that we love you as a sister.”
I interrupted him with my question.
“What do you want?”
“Well the boys and I were wondering if Liam, Louis, Niall and I could come over to your house?”
“ Thank You Callee.”
I was about to hang up when I herd  “ PARTY AT  CALLEES” HOUSE!!”
 I hung up, and tossed Harry his phone.
“What did they want?”
“They are coming over.”
He sighed.” Ok.”
I felt terrible for not asking him first but I mean I can’t say no to them they are like my brothers. If I said no it would crush them.
“ I can call them and tell them you don’t want them to come over. If you want me to.” I told him
“ Oh no it’s fine really I just had plans for us,   but I can always tell them when they get here.” It took them all of about five minutes to get here.
“Sorry we would have been here sooner if Zayn didn’t care so much about his hair.” Niall yelled to me while I was in the shower. Louis walked in.
“Hey Harry where is your lovely lady anyway?” I could tell he smiled when he said it. Harry Walked closer to him. “ Yeah MY lovely Lady, don’t you forget it.” He said. I smiled at the thought of him really caring for me. He started talking again. “ I need to talk to you guys outside.” They all walked to the door and then it slammed shut. I started singing “Rock Me” again Then I heard music playing down stairs

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