If only they knew

You been living a double life for a couple years now and your friends are putting the pieces together. You try to think of a plan a plan to get all ofthis mess taken care of


3. Time Of my LIfe

I Had finished washing my hair. Harry had picked out my outfit for the day. A    sleeveless red silk dress. I put it on. He had loved the way it looked on me.
I had curled my hair the way Harry liked it. I opened the door. There was a trail of rose petals and candles leading down my spiral staircase. I followed them outside and down to the beach. I saw surfboards standing up straight. One by one they turned around and then so I could read them.
The first one:Will. Held by Zayn.
The second one:  You. Held by Liam.
The third one: Marry. Held by Louis
 The fourth one: Me. Held by Niall
The Fifth one: Callee  Held by Harry. It Had a ring on the top of it. I started to cry. I ran over. They all dropped there surfboards. I hugged Zayn, then Liam, then Louis, then Niall. I ran over to Harry. I kissed him and smiled at him. He looked at me, I smiled, “ Yes!” He kissed me again. We walked back to my place. The other boys went back to there hotel so we could have some privacy. It was Thursday. My parents were going to be home tomorrow. They would meet Harry for the first time. I thought on the way back. “Oh I hope they are ok with him.” The thought kept crossing my mind. Harry could tell I was worried. “ Whats wrong?” He kept asking me.
“I’m afraid they will not like you.”
“Callee your 18 now. They can’t tell you who you marry when your with me.”
I had totally forgot that I was 18 now. I smiled at him as we walked through my doorway. My parents drove in. Harry didn’t hear so I rushed him upstairs. When I walked down stairs My parents walked through the door.
“ Hey mom hey dad.”
“Hey Honey.” My mom said unhappily.
“Why are you guys home so early?”
“Well, your father eat some bad sea food and we had to come home.”
I kind of laughed. Then I heard rustling upstairs. I turned to my parents. Think I told myself
“Hey mom, dad why don’t you to go to the beach and relax.”
“OH.”  they said together
“Thats a wonderful idea.” My mom said.
“Oh sweetie.”
“Yeah dad.”
“Why don’t you invite someone over. “
“Ok dad thanks for the idea.” I went upstairs to  “call” Harry to come over.
I walked down stairs. “ My friend Harry is coming over.”
“Who??” My mom asked worried
“Don’t worry.” my dad said. “I bet he is nice.” Five minutes later. After my parents left Harry walked down stairs.
“ Are they gone.” He asked.
“Yeah. I told them my friend Harry was coming over.”
“So I am just a friend?”
“No Harry don’t take it like that. It’s just that it’s not that I don’t love you, because I do, but they don’t know about us”
He smiled at me because he knew what I meant.
    Ten minutes later my parents came home. Harry and I were up in my room just hanging out. I heard the door open.
“Oh your parents are here. Should I leave?” Harry asked jokingly.
“Haha.” I said I smiled. We walked down stairs. Harry followed close behind me. My parents were cooking supper.
“Hey mom, dad,” They turned around. “I want you to meet Harry.” my mother spoke up first.
“Why, Hello Harry.” my mother said, my father didn’t look happy.
“Hello Harry”
“Hello Mr and Mrs McBreairty.” He was so cute with his accent. My father seemed suddenly happier. My father loved people with British accents.
“Harry,” my mother started saying. He looked up from me. My mother started talking again. “What do you like to eat?”
“Oh anything really.” My mother smiled
“Oh good. We are having Steak and potatoes, is that alright?”
“Oh yes thats perfect.” Harry said with a smile.
“Well we are going upstairs now until supper is ready.” I said,
    When supper was ready we walked down stairs. My fathers mood could have never been better.
“Hey mom, dad.” I started to say. My mother looked up from her plate. My father kept eating.  I continued to talk. “Umm since I’m 18 now I have different rules under your roof. Right?”  my father swallowed his food.
“Yes dear.” He said with another mouth full.
“So does that mean I can you know date and stuff?” I said looking at Harry. My mother kept eating, So my father and I did all the talking.
“Sure dear, why do you ask?” my father said in between bites.
“Well, Its just that..” I stopped talking and waited for him to finish eating. When he finished I started talking again,  “It’s just that.” He looked at me concerned. I continued to talk, trying to talk at normal speed  “Harry asked me to marry him!” It all came out in a blur. My father looked up from his plate. So did my mother. They didn’t look to happy. “I’m sorry.” I started saying. My father stood up and i continued to talk. “I wanted to tell you guys sooner that we were dating...” My father cut me off.
 “You know what!” My father started saying. “Callee get up to your room now and don’t come out until supper is over, And as for you Harry. You stay down   here with me and Rose. So we can have a talk with you about my daughter.” Rose was my mother. I stared at my father and then at Harry. I walked up to my room and shut the door behind me. I didn’t want to here anything. The door was like a door to the world, when ever I closed it, I shut out the world. I was up there for a couple of hours and then finally fell asleep.


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